Discovery Phase: One Small Step for You, One Giant Leap for Your Project Success

Discovery Phase for startups with Lemberg Solutions

If you haven’t heard the term "discovery phase", you might have referred to it as Ideation, Concepting, or simply Planning. In the context of software development, all these terms apply to the same process: "developing the initial product idea into a clear understanding of its business goals, functional goals and the effort behind implementing this solution".

In fixed-cost projects, discovery is the best practice for initiating the project.

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CES 2018: Lemberg's Insights

Now that we are back from fabulous Las Vegas show of the year - #CES2018 - we can take a moment to reflect on what this event was all about. Of course it was about the most recent technology, but let’s see what was actually hot. Our focus was mainly on automotive, robotics, smart home, pet trackers, and other impressive consumer electronics.

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TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017

TechCrunch Disrupt is back in Europe since their last event in 2013. Again the host-town is Berlin. And there are several good reasons for that. More and more we hear that Berlin is quickly emerging as a startup hub, as opposed to more expensive places like London, New York or San Francisco. Berlin is a home town for many startups who came here because of favorable environment and fast-growing tech scene.

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