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Create secure web apps with custom functionalities and designs. Use the latest technologies to ensure the web app’s reliability and compliance with market trends.

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Custom web portals & dashboards

Create a web portal for any business needs, including B2B, customer, self-service, insurance, ecommerce, and educational purposes. Use custom web application services to build a SaaS solution that ensures accessibility for end users. Our engineers will develop a fast-loading solution for your business to help you deliver a more customer-oriented service.
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Ecommerce web app development

Increase customer conversions and satisfaction with a custom web app development company. Integrate secure payment gateways and develop APIs to establish robust communication with the server using our services. We’ll also help you create an easy-to-navigate app with reliable backend architecture. Our engineers will develop custom product builders to engage end users with your product.
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SaaS platforms

Our web app engineers specialize in developing secure, scalable, and easy-to-use SaaS applications that streamline client operations. We use cutting-edge technologies and adhere to industry-leading standards to ensure your SaaS platform will help you grow your business. Our service allows you to perform comprehensive evaluation of user behavior and needs to further adapt your web app to customer demand.
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Web apps for IoT

Create modern, scalable, and cost-efficient cloud IoT apps enriched with secure device provisioning, telemetry data collection, remote management, and OTA updates. Our experts will design an intuitive dashboard and use an advanced tech stack to satisfy your current and future business needs.
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UI/UX design for web

Get an intuitive interface design that matches your requirements and market trends. Our experts will ensure your app’s usability applying the best industry practices. We leverage comprehensive user experience research to ensure the most convenient user flow and boost the engagement of your audience.
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Web application support & maintenance

Ensure your web app’s reliability and stability to meet your evolving tech and business needs. We’ll help you integrate all the necessary updates on time to maintain your solution’s security. With an expert support and maintenance team, you’ll preserve the app’s fault tolerance and enable quick issue resolution.
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Web App Development Process

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Choose the service matching your project needs
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Receive expert evaluation and feedback on your product, allowing us to develop and implement modifications that will effectively scale your business processes.

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Validate your web app idea or boost the performance of an existing one with our professional tech advice. Benefit from a comprehensive code audit and uncover potential risks.

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Have all your project needs met in one place. We cover the entire custom web application development services life cycle, from crafting a concept to delivering a solution ready for production.

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Scale your internal team with our experts in web app development to deliver your product to market faster or get the necessary expertise.

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Ensure stable operation of your web app with our software maintenance and support services.

Partnerships & certifications

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ISO 27001:2013
ISO 9001:2015


What you get by developing your project with us

360° services

Fulfill all your website development needs with web application services delivered in one place. We cover every project development phase, from initial discovery to continuous support and maintenance. Whether you need a new product built from the ground up or improvements introduced to an existing solution, our engineers are ready to help. We develop projects of any scale, including enterprise systems and custom SaaS platforms.

Efficient delivery management

From selecting the right team for your project to defining timelines and development scopes, we will handle project delivery. We refine the processes at every phase of web app development to surpass your expectations and ensure your business flourishes.

Business first approach

At Lemberg Solutions, your business goals are our top priority. We go beyond mere code development to find innovative solutions tailored to resolve your unique business challenges. With five flexible cooperation models, Lemberg Solutions ensures efficient service delivery, catering to the diverse needs of our clients for end-to-end web app development services. 

High security standards

Our web app development company complies with international information security regulations proved by our ISO 27001:2013 certification. Additionally, we secure your project by signing an NDA and ensure you have full intellectual property rights for the solutions we build for you.

Deep industry expertise

Our engineers possess extensive industry-specific expertise in web development projects across automotive, transportation, healthcare, energy, logistics, and other sectors. Our custom software development adheres to specific industry standards and protocols, ensuring your product complies with all necessary requirements.

Quality-driven focus

To guarantee the efficiency of your web app solution, we have implemented Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) policies and Quality Management System (QMS) supported by our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our web app development engineers can build complex solutions of any size.


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