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Enhance the productivity of your device with our embedded software development services for efficient management of battery SoH & SoC. 

SoC & SoH algorithms development and tuning - BMS Software Development Services - Lemberg Solutions

We develop custom SoC & SoH algorithms according to the battery chemistry  to ensure stable operation under different temperatures, powers, state of the processor, work cycles, etc.

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Our team is ready to take ownership of end-to-end hardware development, ensuring close-knit business cooperation and complete responsibility for the final results. 

Product development - BMS Software Development Services - Lemberg Solutions

Having 15+ years of experience in software development, we provide full-cycle BMS development, from product idea elaboration to delivering highly functional solution.

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You need BMS software development if

BMS management system helps prevent the batteries from overcharging, overheating and discharging, and other possible risks that result in battery damage.

Proper battery management helps save the battery's health under different conditions, like rapid changes in temperature, work cycles, and powers

BMS software provides battery self-balancing and helps you manage the battery's general parameters to make it work more effectively and prevent its degradation.

SoH & SoC algorithms we develop helps improve the actual power capabilities of batteries.

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