Embedded software consulting services

Share the challenges you face with your embedded system so we can provide a plan to solve them

Our experts will collect all necessary requirements, define a clear scope of work, and offer a milestone-based delivery plan.

Embedded system architecture design

Request an embedded system architecture design that adheres to your business goals, security policies, and industry standards. Whether you are developing a new product, or upgrading an existing system, we will provide a comprehensive blueprint for your system's software and hardware components to ensure top performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Embedded software audit

Get a comprehensive audit of your embedded software on the architecture and code levels to identify the core issues preventing it from operating fully. Our experts will then outline the most viable ways to improve your embedded software in step-by-step recommendations so you can immediately start enhancing your system.

Embedded system redesign

Upgrade your embedded system effectively, ensuring its stable operation for your business processes. We'll analyze your current embedded system design and plan the next engineering iterations to ensure proper component selection and management and make it viable for your business requirements.

Schematic & PCB audit

Manage your embedded system component lifetime inventory and get assistance with a new major component selection, including availability verification. Our engineers will determine hardware requirements and review the schematics, PCB, and BOM to outline system design improvements and help you achieve the expected results.

Component obsolescence management

Ensure on-time component obsolescence management for your embedded system to maintain its stable performance. We`ll check whether your embedded system corresponds to your business goals, select the actual major components, and provide an approximate implementation estimate, based on your project documentation and technical requirements.
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Embedded consulting process

Benefit from continuous guidance on each stage of the embedded consulting process

Tech expertise

Get consultation on the best-fit technical solution for your embedded system




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Client experience

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Lemberg Solutions developed, tested, and implemented the software project for fast charging stations within short timeframes. They demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills throughout the development and testing process. The Lemberg Solutions team provided professional support at each project stage — research, supplier selection, UI/UX design, and engineering. We enjoyed smooth communication and efficient collaboration with Lemberg Solutions. The LS team delivered our project on time, both on the software and hardware levels.

Why clients choose us

Why choose us for embedded systems consulting?

Strong embedded expertise

Our embedded consultants and engineers have been delivering embedded projects for various industries for over 15 years. We will take on the full-cycle embedded system development process to build the firmware, embedded AI solution, and embedded Linux system. We will also help you select major hardware components to meet your specific embedded solution requirements. 

A large pool of experts

Get all your embedded software consulting and development needs covered in one place. We provide a team of more than 120 top-notch embedded software consultants and engineers to help you quickly launch a go-to-market embedded system. 

Secure development lifecycle

Rest assured that your embedded software development process adheres to high quality and security measures, following  ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 requirements. You also receive all project IP rights and documentation, becoming its only legal owner.

Full-cycle embedded engineering services

Lemberg Solutions is a one-stop embedded systems consultancy and engineering company where you can hand over the whole embedded software development process. We`ll provide you with a suitable embedded consulting service and then take on embedded software architecture design, development, and implementation. 

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