Predictive analytics services to augment your business

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Demand prediction

Forecast the demand to allocate resources more efficiently, building a demand prediction software with Lemberg Solutions. We have experience building custom-designed predictive models for our clients to help them optimize their supply chain, predict and prevent financial risks, and improve their overall business operations.
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Churn prediction

Identify clients likely to cancel their subscription or quit using your products via building a churn prediction solution. This service, which is a part of our predictive analytics consulting offering, will help you target at-risk clients to prevent them from churning and grow your conversions.
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Predictive maintenance

Detect potential equipment failures and malfunctions beforehand to keep your business running uninterruptedly. Using predictive analytics as a service, you can reduce unnecessary expenditures and grow profit.
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Predictive manufacturing

Optimize your production process by introducing predictive manufacturing. Using the software development services of our predictive analytics company, you can reduce waste and make the whole manufacturing process more efficient. Predictive manufacturing identifies complex patterns, enabling you to understand and prevent failures you’d otherwise miss.
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Scoring models

Evaluate the probability of conversions and analyze the creditworthiness of your customers with custom scoring models to get valuable information about the leads. Our predictive analytics consultants have experience using predictive analytics to benefit businesses in any domain, from agriculture startups to financial corporations.
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LTV models

Determine the predicted client lifetime value to structure long-term relationships with your customers and target audience. Our data science team can build an LTV model for your business, which will help you track client behaviors and achieve higher customer satisfaction levels.
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Want your business to operate more efficiently with predictive analytics? 

Case studies 

Why predictive analytics services

Improve ROI and cut costs

Detect business areas that can operate with fewer investments using predictive analytics. You can cut the budget on production, reduce waste, or optimize the supply costs to grow revenue. Besides, improving sales and customer retention will also enhance your budget distribution. Predictive analytics uses historical data to forecast the future behavior of any process or object. 

Improve production efficiency 

Forecast production rates more efficiently using the services of predictive analytics vendors. Besides, using historical data can help you estimate potential production failures before they happen and minimize equipment downtime. You can also use forecasting to avoid supply chain disruptions and prevent production setbacks.

Beat the competition  

Predictive analytics will help you find out when and why customers leave and get insights into acquiring more qualified leads. With predictive analytics, you can provide your customers with an enhanced experience by analyzing their preferences and behaviors. This personalized approach will help you stand out from competitors and build stronger customer relationships.

Keep pace with market tendencies   

Structure your plans, allocate resources accordingly, and bring your business a competitive advantage on the market, being the first one to adjust to the upcoming tendencies. Predictive analytics enables you to be the first to capture and forecast industry trends accurately.

Improve sales and marketing results  

In terms of sales and marketing activities, predictive analytics can analyze consumer data and inform you about approaches that work and those that don’t. You can even structure a plan for cross-sell and upsell opportunities using predictive analytics. Besides, predictive analytics identifies customer segments by behavior, demographics, preferences, or purchasing patterns. 

Meet consumer expectations   

Customize your products and services according to the needs of your customers in real time. You can gather all necessary customer data, including purchase history, browsing specifics, and feedback, and analyze it using predictive analytics. This way, you’ll build your offering around customer preferences, interests, and motivations. You can also forecast customer demand using predictive analytics. 

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