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Smart systems hub

Integration of industrial communication protocols - Industrial IoT - Lemberg Solutions

Integration of industrial communication protocols

Industrial machines communicate via classical serial protocols like RS-232/485 or more modern networks (TCP/IP or UDP/IP). Standards like Modbus, CANopen, Profibus, Profinet, etc., are commonly used for field bus communication. Rely on Lemberg Solutions' experience working with different protocols to adopt Industry 4.0 solutions with ease. We can help you aggregate data from machines that support different protocols and send them to back-end and cloud systems for IoT use cases (i.e., device provisioning,  device management, OTA updates, etc.).

IIoT gateways - Industrial IoT - Lemberg Solutions

IIoT gateways

IoT solutions implementation for most industrial businesses might be challenging due to the multitude of machines, systems, devices, sensors, and protocols to integrate. That’s why you may need Industrial IoT gateways to connect machines and systems securely and reliably. Let the Lemberg Solutions team advise which off-the-shelf or custom-built gateway solutions fit your business requirements best.


Custom HMI SCADA systems - Industrial IoT - Lemberg Solutions

Custom HMI/SCADA systems

Build web applications (deployed to on-premise or public cloud) or desktop applications (for Windows and Linux) for your industrial control use cases to visualize complex machine data in a simple form. With real-time data analytics, you can make data-driven decisions, monitor IoT device conditions, and get notifications about potential equipment damage to boost overall industrial productivity.


Slavic Voitovych, Head of IoT Business Development at Lemberg Solutions
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Machine learning & AI algorithms - Industrial IoT - Lemberg Solutions

Machine learning & AI algorithms 

Relying on our machine learning and AI expertise, you can adopt predictive maintenance to prevent equipment breakages and identify deviations in industrial processes to avoid downtime. Use object recognition, 2D/3D image, and audio analysis solutions to control process quality and ensure a safe working environment for your staff.

Digital retrofit - Industrial IoT - Lemberg Solutions

Digital retrofit

Industrial equipment manufacturers and operators can benefit from adding wireless connectivity to their existing machines and devices with our help. This allows use cases like remote control and configuration of devices via WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, and LoRaWAN. 

Intelligent intralogistics - Transportation & Logistics Software Development - Lemberg Solutions

IoT robotics solutions 

We can help you optimize the complicated industrial processes within your organization with IoT robotics solutions. Automate repetitive manual tasks, increasing efficiency and monitoring the equipment conditions and performance in a secure, reliable way using the latest protocols.

Industrial IoT development services we provide

Embedded software development

Design and develop robust Linux- or RTOS-based systems for sensors, gateways, routers, bridges, and other ​​industrial applications. Our embedded development team can assist you with any task, from component selection to driver development and creating custom images (i.e., Yocto) for your product.

Cloud IoT solutions

Integrate your cloud services with firmware, message brokers, and databases to centralize data storing, monitoring, and analysis for vital business decision-making processes.

Hardware development 

We are ready to assist you in building intelligent hardware products from scratch. Our engineers will help you adapt predictive equipment maintenance, quality control, asset tracking, working environment monitoring, and other capabilities to your needs.

Web development

The Lemberg Solutions team can build web solutions of any type and complexity and implement API integrations to fit your unique business requirements. Get web-based dashboards to monitor IIoT data and collect insights in real-time, remote monitoring for industrial machinery, and predictive maintenance based on machine learning algorithms for IoT data analysis.

Mobile app development

We develop functional mobile solutions to make management of internal industrial processes more effective. Mobile apps enable real-time process monitoring, data collection, and analytics to implement hardware BLE control, on-site industrial inspecting, manufacturing noise tracking, and other essential procedures.

We build industrial IoT solutions for the industries



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What our clients say

Senzoro - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions
Senzoro - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions

The challenge we presented to Lemberg Solutions was huge and it involved a complex set of different disciplines not found in many companies. We were all impressed by the competency of each and everyone in their team. They have a very transparent co-working style and really share the responsibility that the desired product works. 

Business value you get by choosing us

We hire proficient industry experts with proven experience to work with industrial IoT solutions.

We offer end-to-end development services from discovery to testing and deployment in your working environment.

By partnering with our team, you access a broad pool of 200+ highly skilled software engineers ready to provide top-notch industrial IoT development services for your business needs.

We have experience with hardware for construction, agriculture, automotive, and other industries.

We are a 27001 & 9001 ISO-certified company that maintains high security and quality management standards throughout the SDLC.

Our project managers prioritize easy and transparent communication, keeping you up-to-date on the project's progress.


We guarantee on-time IIoT solutions delivery adhering to the project timeline set from the outset.

We are ready to quickly provide the required resources to start your project without delay.

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