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Hardware and software code audit for ChargeX charging stations

We ran a hardware and software tech audit to find and fix the connection loss issue in ChargeX charging stations

About the client

ChargeX is a German-based e-mobility company developing charging systems for charging parks to make EV charging convenient, manageable, and available to more users. Their Aqueduct charging system enables sequential charging of several EVs with one power source.


The challenge

ChargeX searched for tech specialists who could consult them on the hardware issue — their solution periodically lost Internet connection. They asked Lemberg Solutions GmbH to test their device, find the cause of the issue, and consult them on how to fix it. 

Delivered value

Our embedded team conducted a thorough tech audit of the client’s Aqueduct LTE modems. We tested their hardware and analyzed software performance to find the cause of the connection loss. Our embedded engineers provided a detailed report, including a list of hardware components the implementation of which would fix the issue. Additionally, we offered instructions on configuring the device to connect to the network with the best signal quality.

The process

In a search for a reliable and experienced tech partner, ChargeX turned to IoT+ Network, a digital hub for IoT companies and innovation partners. IoT+ Network recommended Lemberg Solutions GmbH as an IoT and embedded solution provider with a proven track record in the market. 

ChargeX charging station Aqueduct periodically lost Internet connection, interrupting the charging process for end users. Aiming to improve the user experience, the client asked our embedded engineers to consult them on the issue and find a way to fix it. ChargeX provided LTE modems, Raspberry Pi board, and configuration scripts to test and report the problem. During the tech audit, we analyzed the performance of drivers and configuration scripts. Our team discovered that the LTE modem wasn’t suitable for severe outdoor charging conditions, so we conducted several tests to check its performance:

  1. Our embedded engineers tested the LTE modem connection/disconnection handler, which lost connection and didn’t establish it again.  
  2. Next, our embedded experts tested the LTE modem in low-temperature conditions. They discovered that the ping interval increased, meaning that the device was unstable at lower temperatures.
  3. Additionally, our embedded engineers tested the LTE modem in high-temperature conditions. After a short time, the component heated up and disconnected.

We confirmed that the LTE modem was the reason for connection loss and decided to test an industrial LTE modem in similar conditions to check whether it could be a possible replacement. The connection was stable without any connection issues.

While testing the hardware, our engineers also noticed that it didn’t switch between network operators — the LTE modem didn’t connect to the network with the best signal quality. We provided the client with instructions on solving this issue. We also offered ChargeX a list of industrial LTE modems with their technical characteristics, power output, size, and price as more suitable alternatives for their LTE modem.

Thanks to the insights provided by our technology audit, the client could fix the issue to ensure a smooth experience for its end users.

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How it works


When we dealt with technical issues, we turned to Lemberg Solutions for their vast expertise. With their comprehensive tech audit, hardware testing, and meticulous analysis of our software performance, we received invaluable insights. The detailed report they delivered highlighted the issues we were facing and offered clear recommendations for their resolution. Thanks to tech consulting of their embedded engineers, we swiftly addressed the challenges and enhanced our product’s performance. 

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