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Digital cockpit & infotainment

Bring your digital cockpit to the next level with our automotive software engineering services. We build automotive software that ensures interactive and personalized in-vehicle experiences. 

Whether you’re a Tier 1 supplier, original equipment/vehicle manufacturer, or an automotive startup, we can help you. Power your business with Lemberg Solutions’ expertise in developing custom HMI solutions using QT, AGL, and Android Automotive.

Android Automotive - Automotive Software Development Services - Lemberg Solutions
Android Automotive

Enhance your vehicle infotainment system and optimize users' driving experiences with Android Automotive. Our automotive software developers can create custom UI/UX designs and develop your AAOS app or complete Android Automotive OS from bootloader to HMI level.

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AUTOSAR Classic Engineering 

Develop future-proof vehicle body and chassis functions using electronic control units (ECUs) with Lemberg Solutions. We use AUTOSAR software to build automotive electronic control units (ECUs), providing essential and complex functions compliant with automotive regulations.

Our team has experience developing control units of the highest functional safety levels, up to ASIL D. We cover all typical AUTOSAR architecture development levels from Basic Software (BSW) to Runtime Environment (RTE) and Application Level.

Pavlo Matiieshyn, Head of Embedded Development at Lemberg Solutions

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IoT telematics & web platforms development - Lemberg Solutions
IoT telematics & web platforms development

Design and develop embedded software and web/cloud solutions with us. Our team has extensive experience in vehicle IoT device (gateway) integration, telematics data ingestion, cloud server and database infrastructure setup.

We also provide back-end and front-end development for various user types, from the driver functionality to the admin personnel. Our expertise includes creating sleek UI/UX designs for telematics-based analytics and reports, workflow apps, and fleet management dashboards.

Computer Vision and Machine Learning - Automotive Software Development Services - Lemberg Solutions
Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Integrate innovative driving solutions and stand out from competitors using our Computer Vision and Machine Learning expertise.

Our data science and ML engineers can help you develop Computer Vision solutions to identify objects like cars, traffic signs, lane markers, and pedestrians, as well as algorithms for the driver’s point-of-view camera (i.e., fatigue recognition solution) or any other Computer Vision functionality.

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Automotive Grade Linux
Automotive Industry Lemberg Solutions

Looking to build an automotive product? 

Why choose Lemberg Solutions for automotive development services?

Lemberg Solutions is an automotive software development company. We have 15 years of market experience and can provide you with a full range of software engineering services. Lemberg Solutions can also help you with the development of your automotive product from the initial concept to a market-ready device. 

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications verify the quality and security of our services. Besides, Lemberg Solutions automotive software engineers provide ASPICE and ISO 26262 compliant services.  

Your automotive product will be created and tested in a safe and well-equipped environment of our hardware lab. Among the available equipment are professional test bench equipment (oscilloscopes, testers, lab PSUs, soldering stations, and a microscope), popular dev kits and evaluation boards, single board computers, and an FDM 3D printer for mechanical prototype enclosures.

Effective communication is another reason why you should choose Lemberg Solutions for automotive development services. You’ll always be in touch with your automotive developers and receive regular updates on the development progress. If you have any questions, you’ll be able to ask them anytime. You can choose Scrum or another methodology that fits you best and we’ll adjust our collaboration according to your specific requirements.

What cooperation models do we offer?

Lemberg Solutions provides three cooperation scenarios you can choose from: tech advisory, development from scratch, and team extension.  

If you opt for tech advisory, you’ll receive all the necessary advice on the optimal automotive tech stack as well as project architecture to reach the best results. This cooperation model also involves the engagement of Lemberg Solutions’ automotive software engineers in your project.  

Automotive development from scratch is another way of collaborating with Lemberg Solutions automotive software engineers. We deliver a 360-degree service, which means we can transform your idea into a market-ready automotive solution. We also pay a lot of attention to quality assurance and are always ready to provide our clients with our QA services

You can also augment your existing in-house team with our automotive developers. The tech talent pool in Ukraine is stronger than in other major markets, which means you can hire engineers with rare automotive development skills quickly and efficiently. The number of software engineers in Ukraine has hit the whopping 200K number and continues increasing. 

What is our automotive software development process?

At Lemberg Solutions, we recommend our clients start with a discovery stage, which enables us to analyze your business needs and tech requirements. This phase also includes a series of workshops during which we discuss all project details with you and agree on the most suitable roadmap.

After the discovery phase is over, we move on to estimating the automotive software development timeline and cost for your specific case, which will help you keep expenses much more predictable.

Next, we launch your automotive project into development. Lemberg Solutions’ automotive software engineers possess strong development skills and will make sure the development flow is smooth. We’ll also make sure the delivered product works as expected, delivering a relevant user experience to your customers.

Which automotive solutions do we offer for enhancing customer experience?

Software-defined vehicles are the next stage of the automotive industry and have already entered the car-buying mainstream. Thus, the automotive solutions we provide are focused on software innovations and future-ready technologies. 

Our automotive software engineering experience spans BMS development, custom HMI development, Android Automotive solutions implementation, Computer Vision and V2X technologies introduction.

Custom BMS (battery management system) is a smart solution for predictive maintenance we’ve recently developed. In terms of automotive software development, this solution ensures enhanced user experience by improving ​​such safety features as over/under voltage and temperature protection, instant short circuit detection, cell balancing, CAN communication, and faults handling.

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