Predictive Analytics - Artificial Intelligence - Lemberg Solutions

Risk detection and prevention using prognostic and predictive models; predictive maintenance

Computer Vision - Artificial Intelligence - Lemberg Solutions

Classification, detection, and segmentation of visual data with the help of deep learning algorithms

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Activity Tracking - Artificial Intelligence - Lemberg Solutions

Object activity recognition for sports, healthcare, and logistics

Natural language processing

AI-based solutions for text processing, including chatbots and recommendation engines

Audio Analysis - Artificial Intelligence - Lemberg Solutions

Environmental audio analysis, including sound/noise detection and classification

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Cooperation Scenarios

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Solution discovery

Ask us to validate the technical feasibility, outline the project scope, estimate the timeline, and recommend the most suitable collaboration model.

Tech Consulting - Services - Lemberg Solutions - Landing Image.png

Tech consulting

Obtain a professional review and feedback on your product from our data science experts so we can create and implement improvements, enabling your business to scale effectively.

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End-to-end development

Have all your AI development needs met in one place. We cover the entire product development life cycle, from developing a concept to delivering a solution ready for production.

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Team extension

Scale your internal team with our data science engineers to deliver your product to market faster or get the necessary expertise.

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Support & maintenance

Ensure the stable operation of your AI solution thanks to proactive product maintenance and support services provided by our team.

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