IoT web application by Lemberg Solutions for Eave

IoT web application for workplace noise monitoring

The LS team helped Eave build their cloud web application from initial discovery and solution design to development, deployment, and maintenance

About the client

Eave is a London-based startup developing a comprehensive noise management solution suitable for widespread industrial and occupational use. Eave's core value is providing a deep understanding of the way noise impacts human hearing. Their IoT system consists of intelligent hardware devices (headphones), which collect noise data and store it in the cloud to be further analyzed on a web dashboard by various types of users. Currently, Eave works with 15 out of 20 top construction companies in the UK. 

The challenge

The client couldn’t introduce new features because of the outdated system. Thus, the initial request was to design and implement a new system to facilitate future changes. The key objective was to create a scalable architecture adjusted to a single technology that could be easily maintained and extended with all the necessary features for future growth. Eave also aimed to rewrite their legacy Peak web application.

Delivered value

Lemberg Solutions re-engineered the existing Eave system and developed the front and back end of the client’s Peak 2.0 web application. Now, versatile types of users can analyze the noise data in the form of a map, graph, chart, or list. We also introduced the opportunity to scale the system with new features and extend functionality with third-party solutions in the future. 

The process

The client requested us to enhance the existing architecture of the Eave system and redevelop from scratch their existing but outdated Peak web application. 

The key objective was to create a scalable architecture adjusted to a single technology that could be easily maintained and extended with all the necessary features. 

To structure this large-scale project, we started with discovery. As a result, Lemberg Solutions provided the client with the following deliverables:

  • User roles and permissions
  • Low fidelity wireframes
  • A list of user stories
  • An estimation of the development efforts split into phases
  • A Project Roadmap

The first phase lasted from October to December 2021. It covered:

  • Refinement of the existing Eave infrastructure
  • Peak 2.0 back-end infrastructure development
  • The Admin Panel of the Peak 2.0 web application, which enables the Eave team to create objects (users, customers, sites, headsets, etc.) and manage the connections between them

The second phase was larger in scope and lasted from January until September 2022. In this phase, we developed the Peak 2.0 dashboard, including pages with the reflection of the statistical information — graphs and dependencies. The second development phase was longer, so we demoed the progress after each iteration, according to the Scrum framework.

A noise map is another crucial feature the Lemberg Solutions team developed for Eave. The Eave system consists of headphones worn by the employees and beacons placed across a construction site. Each beacon tracks the headphones, which enables the headphones to record the noise level at a specific location. Headphones define beacons based on the signal power coming from them. As a result, Eave’s clients can analyze the data collected with the help of beacons in a form of a noise map, which depicts a plan of the location split into several noise zones. 

Scrum methodology was used as the main framework for development process management. In close cooperation with the client, we revised the timeline, scope, and budget on a regular basis.

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IoT web application for Eave — Lemberg Solutions_1
IoT web app for Eave — Lemberg Solutions
Peak 2.0 web app for Eave — Lemberg Solutions

How it works

Colin Portman - Head of Product Eave - Lemberg Solutions
Colin Portman - Head of Product Eave - Lemberg Solutions

Lemberg Solutions provided us with exactly the expertise we needed at a crucial point in our IOT startup growth. Together they helped us architect and rewrite our industry-leading noise monitoring web application, delivering a technology stack that guarantees scalability and security for our solution's continued growth.

Peak 2.0 for Eave - PDF Form - Lemberg Solutions
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