We have experience in delivering projects for

Elearning platforms

We can build an elearning platform that meets your users' needs in a single environment. Our team has experience in building successful elearning platforms with such features as student enrollment management, learning programs administration, an online community with forums, schedule and reservation of classes, and online classrooms. 

Online shops

Whether you want to move your business from offline to online, migrate your online store from an outdated platform to a more powerful one, or create an online webshop from scratch, we can help you. A well-designed webshop can boost your sales and increase the number of clients. 


We provide ecommerce software development services to marketplace owners who want to deliver a wide-ranging seller/buyer functionality. A multi-lingual and multi-currency ecommerce website allows you to ensure uninterrupted operations between sellers and buyers, helping them to collaborate.

B2B portals

If you want to build a multichannel portal with B2B offerings, we can create a feature-rich platform based on your specific requirements. Bring all businesses together and reach higher sales with our ecommerce development services.

Subscription-based platforms

A dynamic subscription-based platform will help you monetize content sharing and provide your clients with exclusive access to the content. Our experts have experience developing subscription-based systems for our clients and will provide you with custom ecommerce software development services.

Crowdfunding platforms

We can build a crowdfunding platform with all the necessary functionality like payment gateways, security options, responsive design, etc. for operations between fundraisers and the crowd. We deliver ecommerce development solutions that will suit your specific business requirements.

Booking and ticketing systems

Lemberg Solutions has experience delivering ecommerce development services for booking and ticketing businesses. An online reservation platform must have booking and payment functionality, including all necessary information about dates and expirations. If you want to build a booking and ticketing system, we can help you create one.

Self-ordering kiosks

Self-ordering kiosks disrupt the usual ordering process, making it more efficient since people can manage orders themselves. Build a customizable self-ordering system with us and speed up your customer service and order delivery time.   

Mykhailo Gurei, Drupal Team Lead, Lemberg Solutions
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What our clients say

Open Social - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions
Open Social - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions

We found a great partner in Lemberg Solutions that we've been working with for over five years now. They're fun, energetic, have the same mindset as us, and, most importantly, they just do what they promise. We're very aligned in our vision.

What we do

Build an ecommerce platform from scratch

If you want to start an online commerce business or move your business from offline to online, our team can provide you with the most viable solutions and develop a platform according to your requirements. Our experts have experience delivering Drupal Commerce and Shopware projects to our clients globally.  

Migrate your online store to a future-proof platform

Using a legacy online store is counterproductive for your business. Manual management of routine tasks steals resources you’d otherwise spend on more critical operations. We can migrate your ecommerce business without process interruptions and threats to your data and security.

Add custom features to your existing platform- Lemberg Solutions

If you need to expand your existing ecommerce system, we will build additional features for your platform. For example, we can develop cross-selling and upselling features to increase your conversion rates. We can also grow your customer retention using specific components.  

Power your ecommerce business with AI solutions - Lemberg Solutions

Automate routine operations that keep your ecommerce business functioning and introduce innovative solutions using AI technologies. We can help you set up personalization algorithms that will analyze habits and behaviors of your clients to provide them with custom recommendations, discounts, and support. You can also build a product recommendation engine using Lemberg Solutions' AI expertise.

Automate integrations, payments, shipping - Lemberg Solutions

Automation brings performance optimization that is critical for scaling your business and cutting expenditures. Our experts will set up your operations, ensuring you don’t have to manage integrations, payments, and shipping processes manually.

CRM system - Lemberg Solutions

Our team has a proven track record in integrating ecommerce platforms with ERP systems like SAP and Frontsystems for our clients. You can introduce literally any custom feature to your platform to reach your specific business objectives with your preferred integration. For example, you can introduce a dynamic stock check-up or show available payment methods based on customers’ address validation. 

Ecommerce Solutions
Build an ecommerce platform with Lemberg Solutions

What services do we offer


Our UI/UX design experts will build a relevant customer journey whether you’re only starting your business or already run one. We’ll also deliver a digital interface that ideally fits your business requirements and needs. Our developers will offer the most suitable solutions to fix the UX mistakes on your platform. We’ll upgrade your buying process and unify your data, ensuring a quick scale-up for your business.

Front End

Whether you need to build a web application from scratch or want to update your existing ecommerce website, our front-end development team has got you covered. Lemberg Solutions has experience building large-scale web projects, creating component-driven websites, and utilizing the latest testing approaches.

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Back End

Our team will build a stable, scalable, and secure back end for your ecommerce solution. Lemberg Solutions' team knows how to find the right combination of technologies to build well-balanced ecommerce systems, no matter the size.


We'll optimize your online shop by migrating it from any CMS to a future-proof platform like Shopware or Drupal Commerce. Outdated ecommerce website can limit your business with poor CMS capabilities and a lack of customization options. 

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