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While mobile apps are super convenient almost anywhere, they bring more risks than benefits when a user is at the wheel. That's why automotive manufacturers prefer applications based on the latest Android Automotive OS designed specifically for infotainment systems. When properly developed, such apps are intuitive, safe, and tailored to drivers' needs. Most importantly, they don't distract users while providing them with the necessary smart features on the road.

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Top 10 automotive companies meta - Article - Lemberg Solutions

As automotive software solutions become more sophisticated and multi-functional, there is a rising demand for qualified automotive engineers proficient with industry specifics, compliances, development standards, and innovative technologies. 

This article will present a general overview of automotive software development, popular solutions, and leading automotive software development companies in the market. It should help you choose a credible automotive development partner that will help you acquire digital transformation and fully meet your business and project demands. 

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