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Fleet management platform

An enterprise IoT fleet management platform for transportation and logistics

Project duration

8 years

Team size


Team structure

Project manager, back-end engineers, front-end engineers, Android engineers, QA engineers

Client location


Delivered value

Lemberg Solutions' dedicated engineering team helped the client design and deliver the first system prototype. After securing the necessary funding with the help of this prototype, our client requested a larger dedicated team to participate in their ongoing software development process. 

Our dedicated team had a consistent and stable composition throughout the development. This helped us preserve product knowledge and maintain consistent delivery. 

The process

When our client first approached us, the product idea they wanted to develop was in the very early stages. To help them establish the system requirements, we provided a small research and development team.

Our R&D team studied existing solutions to see whether it was worth building a bespoke platform instead of paying for a SaaS platform. After determining that no existing solution satisfied our client’s needs, our team experimented with different engineering approaches to see how we could implement exactly what our client was looking for. This resulted in the first system prototype. 

With the prototype in hand, our client was able to secure funding and move to designing and developing the next version of the product. At this stage, they needed mobile and back-end developers to work on the Android part of the system and cooperate with the larger in-house engineering team. 

Throughout development, we’ve provided our client with dedicated teams of up to 30 specialists. Right now, Lemberg Solutions' engineers are building, testing, and supporting the client’s Android platform and back-end, including a variety of Android apps for both drivers and back-office staff. The platform can easily be extended and customized to integrate with other fleet management solutions.

The software we're currently developing is designed for a device that helps drivers to get the most convenient and safe route recommendations. Additionally, our solution helps to track work hours and work status, sets up communication with the driver, provides truck metrics, reports issues, and sends violation notifications. Our team also migrated the software to a new SDK and improved the navigation results.

The QA team at Lemberg Solutions was involved in automation and manual testing. We developed a simulator that emulated a data flow from a vehicle to make sure the software worked as intended. Also, our QA engineers performed field testing.

The product has already been certified on the Canadian market, and we hope to help our client grow their business even further.

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