Lemberg Solutions is a tech consulting and engineering company that creates IoT products, Digital experiences, and AI solutions. Our clients rely on our full suite of engineering services and industry experience to build new products and bring digital transformation to existing systems. 

With headquarters in Lviv, one of the biggest technology hubs in Eastern Europe, our 200-strong team of engineers, architects, designers, project managers, business analysts, and data scientists works with clients from Europe and North America.

Values we share

We aim for continuous improvement in everything we do, with each new decision and process being better than those that came before. This mindset, combined with nurturing our team and building relationships with our clients and partners, is what ensures our sustainable growth.


Good ideas don’t come out of nowhere. It is only when we put our heads together that true innovation happens. That’s why direct communication, intensive collaboration, and non-stop knowledge sharing are the pillars of our day-to-day operations, and teamwork is our way of life.


We are high achievers. “Faster, higher, stronger” applies to us as much as it does to Olympic athletes. We never stop at what we already know, we are always ready to embrace new challenges, and we pride ourselves on using our technological expertise to help people and organizations become healthier, more productive, and more successful.


Ready to get your challenge solved?

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