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Smart home appliances 

Integration homes with robust IoT-connected devices enable smart home monitoring. We can build many types of smart home products following Matter standard, like a thermostat, cameras, locks, smoke detectors, etc. We also design mobile apps that allow end users to manage home appliances from a single interface.

Robotics - Consumer Electronics - Lemberg Solutions


Intelligent robots that innovate the household become increasingly popular among consumers bringing unique functionality from automatic cleaning to building security. Our hardware development expertise allows us to make devices of different complexity, like vacuum cleaners, window cleaners, lawnmowers, toys, pool cleaners, and other consumer-grade robots.


Wearable devices - Consumer Electronics - Lemberg Solutions

Wearable devices

Fitness trackers, smart watches, vital signs monitoring - our team can create all these and many other wearable products. Build intelligent devices with the Lemberg Solutions team to outrun the competitors with innovative market solutions, and boost your business development.


Sports tech devices - Consumer Electronics - Lemberg Solutions

Sports tech devices

Our team gained considerable experience in prototyping, building, and delivering sports tech devices. Leverage our sports solution development expertise to create a product for your needs, from IoT-powered smart fitness bands to professional sports equipment.

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Smart office products - Consumer Electronics - Lemberg Solutions

Smart office products

Smart office systems increase the efficiency of the working environment  thanks to the implementation of  energy management, access control, asset management, collaboration tools, and occupancy detection. We will assist you in building smart electronic equipment and software solutions that make office conditions more productive, comfortable, and safe. 


E-mobility products - Consumer Electronics - Lemberg Solutions

E-mobility products 

Let our team help you design and develop smart IoT modules for your micro-mobility product. Our expert team can assist you with embedded hardware and firmware development to cloud-based admin apps and end-user mobile apps development.


Drones - Consumer Electronics - Lemberg Solutions


We can design software for consumer, ground, marine, and airborne drones with many uses like inspection, delivery, aerial photography and videography, or area research. Considering your requirements, the Lemberg Solutions team is ready to make software/hardware for flight/motion controllers, surveillance systems, motor controllers, obstacle sensors, radio transceivers, telemetry modules, and power delivery systems/ BMS used in drones.


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SPEEDE - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions

One of the most impressive things about Lemberg Solutions is their communication and the fact that they take ownership of the product. They truly not only understand what it takes from an engineering perspective, but work with the customer to understand what the business needs are as well.

SPEEDE - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions

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Consumer electronics product development

Discovery phase

  • Collecting functional requirements 
  • Identifying product feasibility
  • Project planning and estimation
  • Documenting user flows, solutions architecture and relevant tech stack

Research & development

  • Check and testing of core technology feasibility  

Proof of Concept

  • Rapid prototyping based on dev kits and evaluation boards
  • Engineering sample manufacturing

MVP development

  • Development of core software features
  • Cloud integration
  • Complete PCB in enclosure
  • OTA updates

Mass production support

  • Continuous product development 
  • Bug fixing


  • Obsolete components replacement
  • Product design optimization 
  • Software support
Pavlo Matiieshyn, Head of Embedded Development at Lemberg Solutions

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