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HMI development for EDS-Development electric vehicle supply equipment

HMI software development for electric vehicle charging station for EDS-Development

About the client

EDS-Development is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative energy products. It is part of the EDS Ukraine group, which provides modern and efficient solutions for the future of the energy sector. The company specializes in creating electric vehicles, charging stations, and conceptual architectural solutions for energy facilities such as electrical substations.

The challenge

EDS-Development asked us to develop software for a human-machine interface (HMI) according to the confirmed UI design of their newly created electric vehicle charging station. However, during discovery workshops, the client`s team extended their requirements for HMI functionality, including communication and charging controllers, which we had to implement.

Delivered value

Our engineering team developed HMI software, including selecting and implementing communication and charging controllers. We also supported the client`s team in integrating the completed HMI software into EDS-Development EVSE, which provides its customers with real-time information about vehicle charging. 

The process

EDS-Development built an electric vehicle charging system named EDS Q360, one of the most powerful charging stations on the market. It provides quick, safe, and convenient charging. The EDS Q360 charging station is weatherproof and UV-resistant for outdoor use, with high protection IP54 and IK10.  

It simultaneously delivers up to 360 kW of power and a full charge in less than 30 minutes for up to 4 vehicles. This electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) has an integrated LED indicator, NFC/RFID card reader for user authentication, and direct current indicator for each charging cable. 

The client’s initial request was to develop software for a double-sided intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) to provide users with a seamless experience using the EDS Q360 charging station.

After a series of discovery workshops and requirements collection, we offered the client the opportunity to extend the HMI capabilities with full-fledged integrated software with communication and power controllers. This solution would allow users to track the power, charging duration, charging status, and consumed energy. 

As EDS-Development approved the offered improvements, we developed the UI design according to the client’s requirements. We also selected suitable HMI hardware components and combined them into a functional HMI. 

For communication controller components, we offered two options: ready-made or custom-made. After deep industry and technical research on the pros and cons of each option, we settled on an off-the-shelf solution to meet the client's timeline expectations. 

Together with EDS-Development’s team, our engineers created a detailed software architecture and developed and set up an SDK to proceed with HMI software development.

We also implemented an extra app and hardware to emulate the power controller and validate the HMI solution without access to the charging station prototype. Our team provided test plans and descriptions, acceptance criteria, and integration tests for the client's team, ensuring the ready charging station complies with ISO 15118 and DIN 70121.

The next iteration will include an integration of the OCPP communication protocol and other charging interfaces/standards for the new EDS-Development electric vehicle charging station. 

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 EDS - Slider 1 - Lemberg Solutions
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How it works

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Dmytro Radchenko.png

Lemberg Solutions developed, tested, and implemented the software project for fast charging stations within short timeframes. They demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills throughout the development and testing process. The Lemberg Solutions team provided professional support at each project stage — research, supplier selection, UI/UX design, and engineering. We enjoyed smooth communication and efficient collaboration with Lemberg Solutions. The LS team delivered our project on time, both on the software and hardware levels.

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