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Lemberg Solutions becomes a MotionLab.Berlin partner

We are proud to join MotionLab.Berlin, bringing together deep tech startups and partners to drive innovation to the next level. 

As Berlin’s newly-designated Deep Tech Hub, MotionLab.Berlin encourages and supports deep tech startups in prototype development, product scaling, and market entry by offering access to machinery, well-equipped labs, international expert network , and industry-specific events and workshops. Additionally, they provide funding programs and mentorship to help startups implement their solutions and accelerate their product development. 

One of the key areas of MotionLab.Berlin is deep tech, and as a newly-appointed Deep Tech Hub and the official facilitator of deep tech in the capital, they aim to support companies crafting solutions in artificial intelligence (AI), photonics & quantum technologies, robotics, sustainable & social impact, and Web 3.0.  

Together with MotionLab.Berlin, we aim to support deep tech innovation and promote sustainable development. Lemberg Solutions will share its best practices on AI, embedded engineering, IoT, and sustainability projects to bring value to the community. We are excited to participate in events and workshops to gain insights and incorporate them into our day-to-day activities. 

Here's how our CEO in the German office, Olga Lysak, comments on the partnership:

We are looking forward to driving innovation and building fruitful collaboration with MotionLab.Berlin. I have known MotionLab.Berlin for several years since our membership in IoT+Network and I am excited that the IoT topic stays afloat and finds further support at the Deep Tech Hub initiative.
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