Get a Fieldable Drupal Menu: Menu Item Extras Overview

Menu Item Extras Overview

Menu Item Extras makes the Menu Link Content entity fully fieldable. The module fixes core issues and provides a couple features, like Demo Module and View mode per menu item, which makes developers' lives easier. It allows us to use all fields types for menus as for the normal Drupal 8 entity. Each menu is a bundle for the Menu Link Content.

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Do You Need to Switch to a Microservices Architecture?

Microservices Architecture

A microservice architecture assumes that a web application is built from little bricks called services. Ideally, all these bricks are independent, making it possible to use new technologies during the development process as you are not coupled with any tech stack. Your software solution becomes more flexible for changes and easier to deploy and to develop continuous integration and continuous delivery.

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Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) Update for WiFi-Enabled Devices

Firmware over the air update, Lemberg Solutions

The software development process for an embedded device is not a one-time action. Even if you have managed to make your code “bug-free”, there are always improvements or new features to add along the way. Nowadays, over-the-air updates provide a secure and reliable way to stay updated with the latest features. This article focuses on WEB-based FOTA and provides highlights on implementation details.

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