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Electronic nurse device MVP development

An MVP enclosure and firmware development to create a remote digital intensive-care solution for the German healthcare company

About the client

TCC, founded by former medicine professionals, provides a state-of-the-art remote intensive care unit (ICU) solution for German hospitals to improve healthcare quality and reduce the load on intensive care specialists.

The challenge

TCC needed an electronic nurse device MVP to prove their product's value to stakeholders. They were searching for a company that would undertake enclosure and firmware development and make a working prototype, which TCC could demonstrate to stakeholders.

Delivered value

We created an electronic nurse medical tablet prototype for TCC. The device was designed to measure patients' vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, and respiratory rate) and automatically generate a therapy and meal plan. Users can already use a prototype with voice control.

The process

TCC searched for a tech vendor who could take on an industrial design and patient tracking MVP enclosure & firmware development from scratch. The customer wanted to alleviate the burden on medical staff caused by the shortage of medical professionals, especially in intensive care units (ICUs). That's why TCC decided to create an AI-powered solution that would measure patients' vital signs and notify medical workers when a patient requires immediate check-up. In addition to improved care, the solution would help balance the patients' turnover, allowing the hospitals to receive more patients in critical condition and discharge those whose vital signs improved.

Our engineers worked on industrial design to create a working MVP for TCC. We developed an IoT prototype of an electronic nurse medical tablet and integrated third-party apps that measure vital signs, including temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, and respiratory rate TCC also requested accessibility feature, so we integrated voice control using Windows Speech Recognition.

We printed the tablet on a high-performance polymer 3D printer and engaged a UV printing provider for the logotype. We also embedded a waterproof USB Type-C connector as a peripheral component of the device.

An integral part of the development was devoted to UI/UX design matching the existing client's logo and website design. Our design team worked on main screen components development, such as temperature and other vital signs measurement, a therapy plan with a calendar, and a menu for the patients to choose their meals for a week. We also added an emergency call button and created specific pages showing the results of vital signs measurements. We made the components easy-to-use and intuitive for senior citizens.

The latest version of the device includes a camera for face recognition and temperature measurement simulation. In the future, the camera will be replaced with an infrared one. We also protected the prototype with paddings and sealing for extra reliability.

The project was time-sensitive so we finished the work before the indicated deadline. Our client got enough time to test the product themselves before demonstrating it to stakeholders.

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eNurse MVP development for the German healthcare company - Lemberg Solutions
eNurse MVP development for the German healthcare company - Lemberg Solutions
eNurse MVP development for the German healthcare company - Lemberg Solutions

How it works

Prof-Dr-med-Christian-Storm - TCC
Prof-Dr-med-Christian-Storm - TCC

The journey with Lemberg Solutions, from product discovery to the real MVP, was very professional and fell within the specified timeline. The TCC team very much enjoyed working together with Lemberg Solutions as they had additional ideas to increase the performance and value of our MVP, and product management was outstanding. TCC is very proud of the final product.

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