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Computer Vision

Introduce smart farming solutions like Computer Vision to your agriculture business to keep up with the market change. Computer Vision optimizes manual, routine processes and eliminates human errors. It also helps you monitor livestock, automate inventory inspections, predict yields, improve quality control, and digitize other processes. 

Wearable devices - Agritech Software Development - Lemberg Solutions
Wearable devices

Wearable trackers allow you to monitor business processes more effectively with real-time data collection based on IoT solutions. You can effectively manage farm assets, livestock, and daily completed tasks by staff.  

Robotic process automation - Agritech Software Development - Lemberg Solutions

Implementing cutting-edge robotic technology for your farm automates various manual, repetitive tasks. It helps monitor sowing, sprouts, livestock, and fields, increasing overall productivity, and prevents human errors and staff fatigue.

Audio analysis - Agritech Software Development - Lemberg Solutions
Audio analysis

Apply sound analysis and detection algorithms for real-time remote monitoring of your farm operations to give you valuable insights or action items. We use audio analysis in our agritech solutions to monitor soil, crop and livestock  conditions to identify any problems at the outset.

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Agritech solutions we develop

Empower your field employees with mobile app solutions to complete routine tasks faster and more efficiently. Our expert team can help you design the best user experience and deliver robust apps your field workers will appreciate.

Optimize livestock management by implementing a full-scale livestock monitoring solution for round-the-clock tracking of vital signs and  behavior to understand the health conditions and identify diseases early on.

Track the quality of your products by adopting quality control solutions that will help you monitor your livestock conditions and crop from sowing to harvest using IoT sensors.

Develop a soil probing IoT system to enable centralized monitoring of your crops growing conditions and predict yields. Such a solution can measure soil acidity, microelements, water potential, and oxygen levels to optimize farming processes and increase crop yield.

Develop an access control system to manage access and monitor the location of  your business assets in real-time. It allows you to set various access levels within the farm for your staff.

Control the usage of your farm equipment indoor and outdoor with IoT asset tracking solution. You can track the assets location within land, keep the audit and records about the assets and their conditions.

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Why choose us?

Our business analysts are proficient in the agriculture industry, its subtleties, and challenges. It helps them outline your company’s needs accurately and quickly.

We have gained broad industry expertise with a range of completed agritech projects for crop management, livestock monitoring, and activity tracking.


We provide full-cycle engineering services from collecting project requirements in the fields to building smart devices for your farming needs.

Our engineers test the developed solutions in the field to check their features in action and implement any possible improvements

High-quality project management defines the project success. Our certified project managers have vast experience based on past agritech projects and know how to build a smooth development process to meet deadlines.

We know how to set up the proper data collection process. It enables data-driven decisions and helps optimize farming processes.


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