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IoT telemetry solution for Voltfang's energy storage systems

We provided firmware development, prototype bring-up, AWS cloud integration, and OTA updates services for Voltfang’s IoT telemetry logging device

About the client

Voltfang is a German-based company that builds stationary energy storage systems using second-life batteries applied in electromobility. They provide sustainable and affordable energy solutions with guaranteed longevity, certified security, and minimized CO2 emissions.

The challenge

Voltfang reached us to develop an IoT device that will efficiently collect data from battery management systems (BMS) within energy storage systems. They needed consultation on component change and solution architecture improvement for their prototype that would manage the data flow from energy storage systems. Our client was also looking for a tech partner who could integrate the developed IoT product with the cloud.

Delivered value

Lemberg Solutions’ engineering team developed a robust firmware, integrated it with a cloud using AWS IoT SDK, implemented OTA updates, and improved the performance of a client’s hardware running on Infineon XMC4700 MCU, a robust automotive-grade controller. The developed IoT solution allows the client to collect the data from BMSs and make their energy storage systems more efficient due to active data monitoring.

The process

Voltfang needed an IoT product to help them collect the data from BMSs via six CAN channels and transfer it to the cloud environment. They expected the solution to help their customers get the most benefit from Voltfang’s energy storage systems. Our embedded software and IoT solutions development expertise matched their need for a stable data collection device. We agreed on a time and material cooperation model, which suited the project the most, and estimated product development split into two milestones.

First, we worked on the IoT device functionality, developing a robust firmware that would maintain stable communication with battery management systems through six CAN channels. Our embedded engineers integrated the solution with a cloud environment using AWS IoT Device SDK.

During the second milestone, our engineering team integrated OTA functionality into the firmware to enable seamless firmware updates that allow to keep the system secure and running all the time. Voltfang provided us with the hardware prototype for debugging, bringup, and performance improvement. We used the Infineon XMC4700 microchip since it can withstand the load of six CAN channels simultaneously. It’s also the number one pick for motor control and EV charging due to its robustness and efficiency.

We’ve developed the solution within the DAVE 4 IDE designed for Infineon XMC devices. With expertise in developing within the DAVE environment, our embedded engineers leveraged its component-based programming and GUI configuration, which simplified the development process. Since XMC libraries and DAVE example applications provide ready solutions for specific modules, our embedded team significantly reduced the development time.

Before testing the product, our embedded engineers ran the code through a static code analyzer to ensure the solution was safe and secure. After that, QA engineers tested the product to ensure it complied with Voltfang’s requirements and provided it to the client for further feedback.

Once developed, our solution could collect the data from six master BMSs from the energy storage system, which are connected to other BMSs and the batteries. With this IoT device, we helped Voltfang to create more efficient and stable energy storage systems for their customers.

AWS IoT Device SDK
Infineon XMC4700
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How it works

Afshin Doostdar
Afshin Doostdar

Lemberg Solutions delivered great work with impressive speed in both development and testing, demonstrating excellent problem-solving skills. Their communication was consistently clear and effective, ensuring a smooth project flow. The team's overall capabilities helped us realize our IoT project in time for both software and hardware.

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