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UX design - Shopware Development Company - Lemberg Solutions
Online shop UI/UX design 

Increase your Shopware website conversion rates by making your store more intuitive with our UI/UX design services. 

We'll analyze your website visitors' behavior patterns and structure a viable customer journey. Then, our experts will deliver a customized digital interface for your Shopware platform that reflects your business vision.   

Custom front-end development - Shopware Development Company - Lemberg Solutions
Custom front-end development 

Develop a custom front-end for your Shopware website according to your business requirements with us. Our developers can customize an existing Shopware theme or create a unique front-end for your Shopware store using limitless possibilities of headless commerce.

We can add any features to your Shopware front-end using basic Shopware frameworks like Vue.js (Shopware PWA/Vue Storefront) or any other modern technologies.   

Migration from other CMSs - Shopware Development Company - Lemberg Solutions
Migration from other CMSs 

Upgrade your online shop by migrating it from Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce, or any other CMS to Shopware. Shopware is an innovative ecommerce solution based on high-quality and open-source software, enabling you to scale your platform quickly. 

If you're tired of an outdated ecommerce platform that limits your business opportunities with poor CMS capabilities and a lack of customization options, migration to Shopware is a reasonable solution.

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Integration with existing systems- Shopware Development Company - Lemberg Solutions
Integration with existing systems 

Facilitate your business operations by integrating your Shopware platform with ERP software, integrated management systems, product information management solutions, CRM services, return merchandise authorization programs, marketing automation software, shipping APIs, and support desks. 

Our Shopware development team can help you manage the integration process quickly and efficiently to solve your ecommerce business challenges.

Plugins for custom features - Shopware Development Company - Lemberg Solutions
Plugins for custom features

Extend the functionality of your Shopware website with plugins. We can build any plugin from scratch or help you install an existing one into your Shopware website. 

Whatever your need is — to set up a loyalty program or a system of personalized offerings, we can help you implement it quickly with a tailor-made plugin.

DevOps & hosting - Shopware Development Company - Lemberg Solutions

Streamline your workflows and scale your platform quickly using our DevOps services. We can ensure your Shopware platform is resistant to peak traffic loads and keeps performing under any conditions. 

Our developers will configure your infrastructure based on a thorough performance assessment and help you choose the solutions for your specific case.

Why choose us for Shopware Development Services?

Lemberg Solutions is a Shopware development company providing a full range of development services. Our Shopware experts have diverse expertise in building ecomerce projects. Whether you're only starting your ecommerce business or already have an existing solution, we can help you reach your objectives with a sleek website.

You'll enjoy straightforward communication with Lemberg Solutions' team, as the division of responsibilities across our company is well-structured. We'll assign a dedicated contact person for your project to ensure smooth and convenient collaboration. 

We have 15+ years of experience building ecommerce projects like e-learning platforms, bookstores, and home goods shops. Thus, we can deliver high-quality Shopware projects of any complexity within reasonable timeframes. 

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications ensure the quality and security of our software development services. We also gained a badge as the best company to work with from GoodFirms in 2022. 

We can kick off the development of your Shopware store right away and bring your platform to market quickly to make sure you stand out among competitors. There's no point in keeping your business idea in a backlog, enabling competitors to take the leading position in your niche. 

We use SLAs to help you reach business goals. SLAs will keep the workload within the agreed timeframes and optimize the communication and management processes.

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Answers to Common Questions

You can build your Shopware development project using one of our three hiring models: tech advisory, development from scratch, and team extension. 

If you already have a Shopware website for your ecommerce business and want expert advice concerning its further development, you can choose tech advisory. You'll get our advice on optimal solutions and tech stack you could use to reach your business goals.  

If you're only beginning to build your ecommerce business and don't have a website yet, you can opt for development from scratch. Our end-to-end development services cover each stage from discovery up to product release. We also run testing to secure your software against malfunctions at each development stage. 

Another hiring option is team extension. This collaboration scenario lets you add our dedicated Shopware developers to your team. The local tech talent pool keeps growing and has already hit a whopping 200K number, meaning you can hire software engineers with any specialization and experience based on your needs.

Shopware is a future-proof ecommerce platform with an extended number of functionalities to promote your online business growth. You can implement multiple payment options, currency support, tax calculation, and safe transactions. 

More reasons why you should choose Shopware: 

  • It's a customizable and extensible ecommerce platform 
  • API first and headless platform, which enables simplified integration and extends design opportunities 
  • A large global community with integration partners 
  • Shopware is suitable for any ecommerce business model
  • Shopware is an open-source platform, which means you can scale your business quickly and benefit from faster time to market
  • Shopware is an omnichannel platform, meaning you can target customers at versatile levels by introducing apps, pop-up stores, and voice assistance searches.

Shopware development project delivery timeframes depend on the complexity of your requirements. If you're looking to develop a simple Shopware website with less than 50 SKUs, it might take up to two months. Development of a complex Shopware solution with multiple integrations and hundreds of SKUs may take over six months. 

The price of an ecommerce project depends on your requirements and the type of collaboration you choose. Hiring freelance Shopware developers is cheaper yet less reliable than collaborating with an established Shopware development agency. If you're looking to build a Shopware website for your ecommerce business and still hesitate about where to start, simply drop us a line, and our experts will get back to you shortly with all answers to your questions.

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