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Partnership with Centarro, the company behind Drupal Commerce

Lemberg Solutions provided Centarro with dedicated Drupal and React.js engineers to quickly expand their eCommerce platform’s capabilities.

About the client

Centarro (formerly Commerce Guys) is the company behind one of the most powerful eсommerce platforms — Drupal Commerce, created by Centarro CEO Ryan Szrama. They offer consulting and development services to some of the largest merchants and agencies building online stores with their software, enabling their clients to solve even more complex use cases, including multi-domain, multi-currency, multi-checkout, and multilingual ones.

The challenge

Drupal Commerce develops at full throttle, and Centarro needed a partner who could both contribute to the growth of their platform and work on specific eсommerce projects alongside their own team. The complexity of their platform required dedicated engineers with extensive experience in Drupal and Drupal Commerce development. 

Delivered value

Three LS engineers help Centarro develop new features for Drupal Commerce and support Centarro’s team in commercial projects. Our dedicated team also ensures smooth data migration and ongoing feature development after the launch of new sites.    

The process

Lemberg Solutions met Centarro during DrupalCon Europe 2019 in Amsterdam. They didn't have much experience in collaboration with tech vendors providing the dedicated team cooperation model. However, their fully remote team already operated on multiple continents, so communication with foreign employees wasn't new to them. Centarro requires senior-level developers because their customers value their Drupal and Drupal Commerce expertise. Since Lemberg Solutions had prior experience working with NY Media to develop a large online bookstore built on Drupal Commerce, Centarro trusted us with their projects.

First, we set up our senior Drupal developer to work with Centarro. They were satisfied with his performance and wanted more team members of the same caliber, so two more LS engineers joined the team to help develop custom-built online stores using the Drupal Commerce framework.

Our dedicated team is currently engaged in the development of new websites for the healthcare and financial industries. Our developers deliver targeted improvements to order management interfaces (by adding Ajax modal popups), quotes and invoicing capabilities, and payment method integrations. To ensure new work does not introduce regressions to these projects, we write and maintain tests using the Behat and PHPUnit test frameworks.

Due to extensive integration of custom features, our team had to analyze the code by themselves. We now continue to make modifications, frequently creating patches, modules, and custom Drush commands to achieve the end users' requirements. Our engineers also contribute to store migrations from Drupal 7 + Commerce 1.x to Dupal 9 + Commerce 2.x.

For one notable project in the higher education industry, our developers performed a migration from Drupal 6 + Ubercart to Drupal 8 + Commerce 2.x. The website uses Drupal Commerce's multi-store and multi-domain features to give the university more flexibility and functionality than Ubercart did. Within this project, our team also worked on a migration from a multisite to a multisite’s newer version that had a different data structure and domain range.

At the moment, our collaboration with the Centarro team continues with front-end development in addition to Drupal development. We provided React.js engineers who took over several projects delivered by Centarro and developed dynamic elements as well as front pages for them. Our team supports the projects by developing new features. Here is how we help Centarro with the projects:

  • For a non-profit law organization, our developers undertook Drupal Commerce migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. We did the same for a company delivering medical tests via online order. 
  • For a biochemical manufacturer, our web developers created an appealing UI using Drupal Layout Builder, integrated a payment and checkout system via Authorise.Net, and configured automated tax management leveraging Drupal Commerce Connector for AvaTax. 
  • For the largest high-end digital library, we delivered payment integration with BlueSnap.
  • For a flagship platform organizing whisky and other spirits auctions, we migrated their website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 and updated Drupal Commerce to 2.x. On top of that, we worked with a currency conversion module, modal and AJAX forms, and integrated the platform with React.js. Currently, our developers create new functionalities and scale the existing ones. 

The Lemberg Solutions team was happy to see the Centarro team at DrupalCon Prague 2022. We appreciate being engaged in the Drupal Commerce development process and hope to continue our collaboration with Centarro. 

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Centarro - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions
Centarro - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions

Lemberg Solutions' developers operate as any other member of our development team, making for great skill, sharing, and rapport. Their knowledge and discipline contribute greatly to the successful growth and implementation of Drupal Commerce.

Centarro - PDF Form - Lemberg Solutions
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