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An Update on Our Operations

We remain on our path to sustainable growth with confidence. In this time of war, for our business as much as for the entire country, it is crucial to keep the economy running. Our clients and partners understand this well, and we’re grateful to them for continuing and intensifying our cooperation.

All the key operations at Lemberg Solutions are perfectly intact:

  • Our existing projects are moving forward according to plan;
  • New projects are coming in;
  • Our delivery team is operating with maximum efficiency;
  • New employees are joining us weekly;
  • The recruitment team is working on more vacancies in response to the growing interest from clients;
  • We’re planning to visit major tech events around the globe.

Our business development plans and goals are relevant, and the whole LS team is working as hard as ever to pursue them. Each of us is well aware of the fact that now doing what we do best is our most valuable contribution.

We’re sure of our business continuity, and here’s why:

  • All our team members are safe, with some of them relocated to Poland with their families;
  • Our employees have all the necessary tools and equipment regardless of their current location (the covid pandemic has turned out to be a fantastic training session);
  • Ukraine’s banking system is fully functional, and we’re paying full salaries on a weekly basis (as opposed to monthly in the past) to boost our employees’ financial confidence;
  • We’ve expanded our network of delivery options, so we can receive and send the hardware required for projects related to embedded development services without delays;
  • Our internet access will remain stable even in the unlikely event that our local networks get damaged thanks to the Starlink service, which has recently become available in Ukraine, and our own stations, which should arrive within a few days (UPD 29.03 — they have arrived);
  • The basic infrastructure (gas, power, water, and internet) has remained unharmed in the locations where our team members are based.

If you’re looking for effective ways to support Ukraine in its fight against russia, consider partnering with a tech vendor like ourselves. You’ll get high quality delivery from Europe’s top engineers and close the talent gap you may be experiencing due to the current geopolitical climate. Get in touch with us to discuss our services and cooperation options.

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