Mobile and Web Digest (March 2014)

Mobile and Web Digest (March 2014) - Lemberg Solutions Blog

Latest Android News

  • Android Login Screen Checklist: During my career as Android developer I have built a lot of login screen's, but every time forgot at least one more or less important thing. So I decided to write a short article which describes all issues you can face when building a new Login Screen.
  • A smoother app launch experience: On app launch, Android displays a simple preview window (based on your activity theme) as an immediate response to the user action. To ensure a smooth visual transition, your activity theme should match your full UI as closely as possible.
  • Blurring Images: Series of tutorials that describe both the RenderScript blurring technique, and also how we can perform blurring in Java. We’ll also perform some benchmarking to understand how well each approach performs, and look at ways that we can obtain the best performance.
  • Testing Asynchronous Tasks on Android: Talk about a problem arising when testing tasks running on different threads than the UI in Android.
  • Automatically increasing versionCode with Gradle: While deploying new versions in Android, one of the common tasks is to increase the versionCode to identify a particular build. Using the new Gradle system, this can also be automatized.
  • Padding and scroll indicators for scrollable containers: Ne of the common issues with UI fit-and-finish that Roman Nurik and the rest of the DevRel team come across is improper padding and scroll indicators for padded scroll containers like ListViews, GridViews, and ScrollViews.

Latest iOS News

  • IiTunes Connect update to Sales and Trends: Compared to the third party solutions like App Annie and Distimo, the Sales and Trends section of iTunes Connect has been a weak point of the App Store for a long time but it received a much needed update this week.
  • The Effective Way to Ask for an App Review: John Gruber linked to the Threes update notes which suggested that nicely asking for a review in the release notes of your app would be a much more tolerable solution to the problem of getting ratings than an alert view. Oisin Prendiville and Padraig Kennedy back up the idea with figures though and show that this seems to be working for them. What have you got to lose?
  • NSScanner Tutorial: Parsing Data in Mac OS X: Get a handle on big data and learn all about string parsing and analysis in this NSScanner tutorial.
  • NSURLProtocol Tutorial: NSURLProtocol is the lesser known heart of the URL handling system in iOS. In this NSURLProtocol tutorial you will learn how to tame it.
  • iOS UI Testing with KIF Testing UI in iOS apps is an important topic, especially as apps become more complex. Learn how to do iOS UI testing with KIF in this tutorial.
  • AFNetworking 2.0 Tutorial Learn how to easily get and post data from a web service in iOS in this AFNetworking 2.0 tutorial.

News and Tips on Web Development

  • Speedy Sites: Nginx and PHP: Getting an optimised page is only half the battle however; you need to ensure that the backend is doing as little work as possible in order to be highly scalable. This article looks at how you can achieve this while improving performance – all with nginx.
  • DateTimeImmutable: The first time that Derick Rethan's improved DateTime support made its way into PHP was officially in PHP 5.1. Since its introduction the DateTime class implementation has suffered from one design mistake — arguably not something that even an RFC would have highlighted. Find out about that here.
  • Implementing Secure Passwords in PHP 5.5: PHP has always had a few simple ways to implement password hashing to an extent. MD5 and SHA1 are examples of this, but the security of these methods is not what it should be. Many developers use MD5 and SHA1 without even adding a SALT, which is a string that helps to add complexity to the application. This article explaines PHP 5.5 Secure Password API - new better way of password hashing.
  • Exploring the New Drupal 8 Display Modes: Brief review of Drupal 8 Display Modes.
  • A Million Drupal Sites... And Counting!: Drupal now officially powers more than 1 million websites!