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Discover Euro DrupalCamp Event in Lviv with Lemberg Solutions

If you are into IT and haven't planned anything for the 6-7th of September 2014 yet, you should definitely consider visiting Euro DrupalCamp in Lviv. This year, Lemberg Solutions have officially announced their support of the event through golden sponsorship. What to expect and why should you come? Let`s find out together... 

“ It’s really the Drupal community and not so much the software that makes the Drupal project what it is. So fostering the Drupal community is actually more important than just managing the code base.”

Dries Buytaert

Guide to Lviv Euro DrupalCamp

Lviv Euro DrupalCamp (LEDC) is an annual non-profit event, organized by Drupal community members with the support of partner companies. The event will take place in Lviv downtown (included in the UNESCO heritage list), at "George" Hotel on 6-7 September, 2014. Organizers are expecting more than 200 participants from 6 countries. Among the invited guests, the organizers have announced Bart Feenstra.

Official LEDC Program includes:

  • Two parallel streams of presentations;
  • BoF sessions;
  • Code sprints on Drupal 8 core;
  • Coffee Breaks;
  • Pre- & after-parties.

Drupal Form API, connecting apps with Drupal 8 and more…

As a part of the participation in LEDC, Lemberg Solutions` team members will be be holding presentations and an informal BoF session. Be sure to come and say hello.

Here`s what we have in store for LEDC:


'Contributing to Drupal: Full How-To Guide For Dummies' by Volodymyr Sydor. Complexity level: for beginners.

Volodymyr will cover such questions as methods and tools that will help one in creating new modules or patches to the existing ones or reviewing someone else`s patches. Why should you attend? It is important to know at least some of the main methods of how you can take part in the life of Drupal Community and thereby to contribute and become a contributor.

'Tips On Getting Everything You Can Out of Drupal Form API' by Taras Kruts. Complexity level: intermediate.

Drupal Form API is one of the major subsystems in Drupal. For sure, every Drupal developer had dealt with forms. However, Form API hides surprises as well. How can you squeeze everything out of Form API without reinventing the wheel? Interesting use cases, little-known facts, extraordinary situations will be covered. Come.


Lemberg Solutions welcomes everyone to participate in the discussion of Android and iOS software development kits (#DrupalSDK) for Drupal 8 that were originally presented by Lemberg team to the community at DrupalCon in Austin, Texas this June and have been updated recently. These SDKs are developed to help connect Android/iOS native apps with Drupal 8.

See you at LEDC!

Join us at DrupalCamp in Lviv, support Drupal Community in Ukraine and don`t miss your chance to meet people behind Drupal, learn, motivate & get motivated.

Drupal events are an amazing investment for everyone. Meet face-to-face with professionals behind Drupal projects, build relationships, learn and motivate. It is not just fun, it will help you become successful”

- Ros Bulych, Founder at Lemberg Solutions

Request a sponsorship proposal, become a speaker or register for the event at lviv2014.drupal.ua


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