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Firmware development and algorithm integration for FHCS

New modular firmware implementation and algorithm development for Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions aimed to add new functionality to their cleaning products.

About the client

Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions (FHCS) belongs to the Freudenberg Group which has been on the market since 1849. It offers cleaning products and systems sold under several popular brand names, including Vileda®, Vileda Professional®, O-Cedar®, Marigold®, Gimi®, Wettex®, Oates®, and Gala®.

The challenge

The client produces products with smart functionality powered by firmware and has found a way to implement new features through algorithm integration. Thus, algorithm and firmware development is the core challenge the client has asked the LS team to solve.

Delivered value

Lemberg Solutions has assembled a team of embedded engineers and data scientists who have joined efforts to develop the required algorithm and microcontroller firmware. The team has analyzed operational data provided by the client to create the algorithm, implemented it into the firmware, and thoroughly tested it before handing over the prototype to the client.

The process

Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions (FHCS) came up with an idea of new functionality to implement in its cleaning products. The client decided to design an algorithm that would enable helpful user instructions based on real-time operational data. 

Afterward, FHCS contacted several embedded engineering companies to estimate their expertise through vendor assessment and chose the most suitable provider as the client lacked internal capacity. Since Lemberg Solutions was a good match for this project due to the combination of profound data science and embedded engineering expertise, the client initiated the cooperation. Following the client's requirements, we organized the project management process using a suite of Azure DevOps tools, including Azure Repo, Azure Board, and others.

At the project start, FHCS provided detailed research data our data scientists analyzed to design an algorithm. The team created the algorithm using MATLAB® and converted it into C code with MATLAB Coder™ to prepare the solution for firmware implementation. The firmware update required changes in the existing hardware, which we also implemented. We ensured the developed solution had high code modularity to enable easy system upgrades and changes in the future.

Finally, the team ran the application in our laboratory to ensure the algorithm had high accuracy. After successful testing, we provided the functional firmware prototype to FHCS to gather feedback and implement required enhancements before getting into the mass production phase of development.

MATLAB Simulink
ARM Cortex-M
Keil MDK
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The collaboration has been outstanding since the Lemberg Solution’s team has carefully studied our requirements to meet the expectations. Their engineers have considerable expertise in electronic prototype development, so the development process was really smooth. Besides, they always proactively address any of our concerns, creating a sense of trust and transparency.

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