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CLR: Drupal Website Development and Migration to Drupal 10

We have developed a Drupal-based multilingual website for the EU-wide consumer law training program for small and medium businesses managed by Eurochambres on behalf of the European Commission. 

About the client

Eurochambres, BEUC, and SMEunited implemented this project at different stages on behalf of the European Commission, following a procurement procedure. Consumer Law Ready is a specialist training program for SMEs to gain knowledge of the important aspects of Consumer Law.

The challenge

Since the software was intended for the public sector, we had to develop the Consumer Law Ready website following strict security and accessibility rules. Another challenge was cooperation with multiple stakeholders to add content for all EU member countries and languages.

Delivered value

Our team has created an EU-wide multi-language platform for SMEs with e-learning functionality for consumer rights training. We keep improving the Consumer Law Ready platform with new features per customer's requests, having taken it to Drupal 10 recently.

The process

A website for the Consumer Law Ready program is a long-lasting project managed by BEUC, SMEunited, and Eurochambres on behalf of the European Commission. Lemberg Solutions has been working on the project for over six years, providing Drupal website development and subsequent migration to Drupal 10.

This project started as a small forum based on Drupal 7 and gradually expanded to a full-fledged Drupal 8 portal for SMEs with versatile features.

During the active development stage, our team:

  • Migrated the Drupal 7 website to the Drupal 8 multifunctional platform
  • Built the portals for SMEs and trainers
  • Implemented multi-language support
  • Implemented e-learning functionality

The simultaneous work with many stakeholders and tight deadlines were the most challenging and time-consuming parts of this stage.

After the website launch, Lemberg maintained the platform, made requested changes, monitored the performance and stability, and ensured security by proactively updating it. Consumer Law Ready is the first project we updated to Drupal 10, the latest and greatest version of Drupal so far.

Lemberg Solutions keeps working on the project under the SLA contract, applying necessary security updates and providing the client with on-demand engineering support.

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CLR - Lemberg Solutions
CLR - Lemberg Solutions
CLR - Lemberg Solutions

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