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Web development team for a US digital agency

We’ve provided our client with dedicated engineers to extend their in-house development team. Our specialists help the in-house team by taking on up to 30% of the total workload.

About the client

Elevated Third is a US-based digital agency. They leverage Drupal CMS to create outstanding digital experiences and empower account-based marketing (ABM). 

Project duration

3 years

Team size


Team structure

Drupal developer, front-end developer, project manager

Client location

Denver, Colorado

Delivered value

Several of our engineers work with the client full-time, but the client can request more engineers to cope with their peak workload periods. The combination of our burstable capacity and time and materials cooperation model gives Elevated Third flexibility to plan and budget for more projects. 

The process

At first, our cooperation was project-based: The client hired us to complete their smaller-scale projects. However, considering the number of projects, and their type and size, the project-based model created a lot of management overhead both for us and the client. 

That’s why we shifted to dedicated teams. Our core dedicated team consists of two full-time engineers. And when two isn't enough, we provide the client with more people, building dedicated teams of up to 10. It usually takes us 2-4 weeks to staff the core team, and 1-2 weeks to extend it. Our client chooses to handle project management on their side. 

In over three years of cooperation, we helped the client build 50+ projects for various companies in medicine, finance, science, and consulting, as well as nonprofits and universities. The usual project duration is several months; some have taken over a year. 

Drupal Commerce
Acquia Drupal Cloud
Acquia DAM
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How we work

Elevated Third - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions
Elevated Third - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions

In addition to having great Drupal developers, Lemberg Solutions' focus on communication and proactive collaboration makes them a true extension of our development team. They are a pleasure to work with.

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