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Village Resort Intranet

Lemberg recently developed an Intranet System for a popular mountain village resort. The idea behind the application is to facilitate communication between the resort administration and shop owners within it.

It has a wealth of features to facilitate this relationship. These include:

  • Stores' accounts
  • Guest volume information
  • Invoicing & statements
  • Alerts (such as severe weather warnings or security alerts)
  • Village news
  • Promotions from the central resort or from individual shops
  • Internal and public calendars
  • Weather forecasts
  • Groups
  • Messaging between users

The intranet Lemberg developed gives the resort and store owners a centralised communication portal. Shop owners are kept up to date with news, events and information on guest numbers and other information of interest. It also automatically imports and delivers invoices and statements from the resort accounting system, so shop owners can easily access them through the web interface.

To go along with the web-based intranet, we’re considering developing an iPhone or Android application to make the Intranet easily and conveniently accessible from anywhere in the resort area.

We’re considering extending the framework we created for the intranet to include interaction with clients as well, which opens up a range of new potential uses. These might include:

  • Communication with resort visitors
  • Managing or coordinating events
  • Providing detailed guides and help on a resort area
  • Charging visitors for services
  • Location based services (providing information on services or stores near the user for their mobile devices)

We can also see that the basic framework we developed for the system might be of interest to more than resort owners. Elements or the whole system might helpful for vacation, community or entertainment villages, home owners' associations or other areas that offer services such as:

  • Accommodation (e.g. holiday home complexes)
  • Family entertainment sites (e.g. theme parks or entertainment centres)
  • Shopping activities (e.g, malls and shopping centres)
  • Historical sites (e.g. Museums, palaces or galleries)
  • Health and wellbeing services (e.g. spas, and wellness centres)
  • Indoor sports (e.g. fitness centres, swimming pools, racquetball or tennis complexes)
  • Outdoor sports (e.g hiking, cycling and golf areas)
  • Winter sports (e.g downhill skiing, tubing parks, terrain parks)
  • Hospitals and health care facilities

If you are interested in the system or would like to view the demo, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7193 4928.

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