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Component-based Vue3 front-end development for MDM websites

Front-end development for MDM websites, including Vue 3 development, UI/UX design, QA, business analysis, and project management 

About the client

MDM, part of the Richard Borek Group, founded in 1893, is an international collectibles trading company based in Braunschweig. MDM is a world leader in precious metal collectibles, with over 1 million satisfied customers and over 700 employees. The Richard Borek Group also includes Richard Borek GmbH & Co. KG (Borek for short), the Société Française des Monnaies (STEFM for short), the IMM Münz-Institut - Institut für Münz- und Medaillenkunst GmbH, Archiv Verlag and alta Dienstleistungs, GmbH.


The client had a system of websites with legacy front end they wanted to replace with a new Vue 3-based front end that would be easier to manage. The UI/UX also required improvement to ensure smoother user interactions and experience. Another challenge was the web development documentation, which needed to be structured and organized for a more efficient development process.

Delivered value

Together with MDM’s engineers, the Lemberg Solutions team built a responsive Vue 3 front-end system that showed improved conversion rates and sales indexes within one week after roll-out. We also helped the client introduce Scrum for better project management and organized the project’s documentation using Miro and Confluence.

The story

MDM requested us to transfer the legacy front end of the website to Vue 3 for enhanced performance and improved website SEO visibility. Considering the client holds several websites, building the front end as a dynamic framework of a UI library was an optimal solution. It would allow the client to build other front-end pages for their marketing needs using the components of the UI library.  

Lemberg Solutions offered MDM a new approach to developing their system by creating a component-based application using Vue 3. Our team introduced multiple components to ensure the client could use them for any of their web shops. 

We started work on this project with bi-weekly sprints, introducing the Scrum methodology for more efficient collaboration. Our team helped the client organize the process on their side through regular meetings, PBRs (Product Backlog Refinements), tickets and workload assessment. 

Besides, we structured the project documentation with the client using Miro and Confluence, ensuring more straightforward navigation across project data.  

We provided the client with a German-speaking BA and other team members to make the discussion and distribution of requirements more efficient. The team on the Lemberg Solutions side consisted of front-end developers, UI/UX designer, QA engineer, BA, and PM. 

Right from the start of the project, each member of our team and the client’s team worked simultaneously. While developers were building the basis, UI libs, and working on the project, our BA and the product owner were collecting and describing front-end requirements. 

At the same time, our UI/UX designer was working on the visuals, helping the client’s designer improve existing designs and create new ones. We also assisted the client with shifting to Figma for more comfortable management of UI/UX designs. 

After completing the development of the front end, we did a beta launch — 50% of users were still using the old front end, while the other half used the new one. The new front end met the client’s expectations of higher conversion rates and better website performance; thus, we released the new front end for 100% of users. The client is satisfied with the results of the project and is currently introducing the new front end for all their web shop platforms.

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How it works

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I am extremely pleased with our collaboration with Lemberg Solutions (LS). They integrated seamlessly into our processes, and both my team and I have learned a great deal from them. I highly value LS's expertise and flexibility.

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