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Dedicated Drupal developers and QA engineers for Hubert Burda Media

LS engineers helped Burda apply AMP to improve the indexing of the DasHaus and Mein schöner Garten websites by Google.

About the client

Hubert Burda Media is a leading tech and media company in Germany, generating inspiring digital experiences and helpful content for users from all over the world.

The challenge

Having a huge content base to decouple, Burda needed more people to improve their website. They searched for professionals who could work with Drupal, Next.js, GraphQL, and React.

Delivered value

We complemented Burda's team with front-end and back-end engineers, fitting their requirements precisely. The LS team ensures smooth content movement and separation of the back-end and front-end systems. 

The process

Lemberg Solutions met Hubert Burda Media during Drupal Mountain Camp 2019 in Switzerland, and the next year, we provided them with a dedicated team. Our client requested front-end optimization of the DasHaus and Mein schöner Garten websites built on React and Drupal. They planned to integrate the AMP technology to improve their SEO ranking.

At the early stage of the project, our client held sprint-planning meetings. They applied a task-evaluation system where each developer estimated the complexity of work. Additionally, they described test cases in tasks for engineers to get a better picture of the project. Currently, Burda arranges weekly meetings to assign tasks and collect feedback about the workflow.

Burda offered to employ Next.js for the front-end part and asked us to develop schemes for the GraphQL module. First, we connected Drupal and Next.js, and then we began fetching data from the back-end part of the website pages. Next, we moved to code refactoring, where Drupal provided a GraphQL endpoint and Apollo Client was used to fetch the data from Drupal.

When Burda configured the server, our engineers set up the front-end environment from scratch. Employing Vagrant, we developed several environments to launch the website. At first, we started a database for separate servers, but later our client reduced their number to one.

The LS team also fixed errors that occurred during data migration from Drupal, since the client intended to create a duplicate website where information would be displayed via Next.js. We are currently engaged in quality management of the website system, and our engineers are also involved in cross-browser testing for desktop & mobile, functional testing, and regression testing.

We are happy to cooperate with Burda’s team and hope to contribute even more to their website development.

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How it works

Arlind Quni - Head of Product Management & Product Development in Hubert Burda Media - Lemberg Solutions
Arlind Quni - Head of Product Management & Product Development in Hubert Burda Media - Lemberg Solutions

Lemberg Solutions developers and testers have shown great commitment to our projects and are an important part of our development team. They helped us increase the speed of our development flow as well as established and advanced a React-based decoupled Drupal contstruct, helping our projects to prosper.

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