#CES2018: Trending IoT Startup Ideas

#CES2018: Trending IoT Startup Ideas - Lemberg Solutions

The Consumer Electronics Show has just begun in the fabulous Las Vegas, reach out to us to book your meeting with Lemberg while we are still there.

For all those roaming the CES halls in order to see and absorb as much innovation as the time would allow, and all those in other parts of the world anxiously following the #CES2018 hashtag on social networks, we have prepared a quick review of the most innovative trends this year, related to IoT and well beyond. While smart home is not a surprise word for most people anymore, there is still much more to see this year.

Startups with ideas that might shape the future of technology are exhibiting at the Eureka Park, and these are just some of this year’s key innovative trends that caught our eye.

Robotics for daily use

Get ready to see the future assisted by robots that just make your life easier.

Robotics for daily use

@somnoxtherobot, @FoldMate, @tennibot@Travelmaterobot

Automotive IoT

It’s not only autonomous cars, but also smart bike helmets, in-car assistants, aftermarket connected car solutions, and much more.

Automotive IoT


Smart living

Smart living

@getlametric, @solargaps@AirthingsGlobal, @GreenCreativeSA@GreenMe_fr, @meersens@lishtot@allergyamulet, ORHID

Smart wearables and technology for senior citizens and the disabled

Smart wearables and technology for senior citizens and the disabled

@feeldoppel,@DomalysFR@Lilismart_en@MedicalGuardian @UnaliWear, @thecarewatch@Evone_shoes

Diamonds are a girl’s smart friends

Wearables don’t need to be chunky and made out of plastic, do they? Smart can be beautiful and stylish if integrated into exquisite rings and bracelets.

Smart jewelry


AR/VR and mixed reality are still buzzwords: There technologies unfold in a variety of use cases

AR/VR startup trends

@Icarosflight, @Archistoire, Insicion

AgTech: from growing plants at home to crop management

AgTech startup trending ideas


One of a kind: Biowatch



Bonus: Smell Recognition
Smell recognition


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Slavic Voitovych, Head of IoT Business Development at Lemberg Solutions, at CES 2018