Mobile and Web Digest (December 2013)

Mobile and Web Digest (December 2013) - Lemberg Solutions Blog

Android highlights

  • Make Your ProgressBar Smoother: Antoine Merle shows a way to reproduce the smooth indeterminate horizontal progress bar, similar to what's seen in the Gmail app.
  • Making Your ActionBar Not Boring: the article describes how to make the whole edition screen (the ActionBar effect and the Ken Burns animation). The author also dives into the details of implementing the ActionBar effect and explains how to create a view animated with the Ken Burns effect.
  • Jimu Mirror: live, on-device previews of layouts that update as you code.
  • NotificationListenerService and KitKat: Android 4.4 (API 19) added new features, and now we can have a lot of extra info about a notification (before we need to use reflection to read some info).
  • Android Property Animations: Property Animations let you animate essentially anything. You are not limited by predefined animation types or by the type of object that you want to animate.

iOS news

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