Lemberg Has Picked 5 New IoT Healthcare Devices That Will Draw Your Attention

It’s no more the secret that IoT becomes more and more popular between human lives. The global IoT healthcare market is expected to grow from $32.47 billion in 2015 to $163.24 billion by 2020 according to the research. Medicine and healthcare connected devices don’t stand apart current movement, takes highest results and become more and more handy! We highlighted 5 new healthcare IoT devices to your consideration.

Lively Safety Watch and In-Home Hub & Activity Sensors ( LiVE!Y)

Lively gives your family members notification when parents may need their help. The safety watch can track movements taken during whole day, it provides an emergency assist button that alerts Lively to call in and check that everything is alright plus with its simple design, anyone can use it — and stay safer from falls and emergencies.



100% drug free wearable pain relief technology (Quell)

Quell packs a powerful punch of advanced neurotechnology. It’s precise and personalized for your needs to manage chronic pain. Quell is more than just innovative technology. Every aspect of the product is designed for wearability and comfort. Quell’s clinically proven, 100% drug free technology automatically adjusts therapy to ensure you receive optimal pain relief!

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Helmet Concussion Sensor (Shockbox Sensor)

We all want to avoid concussions (this is important in sports like football and hockey, baseball) and that’s where a product like Shockbox becomes useful! The Shockbox Sensor is designed to be attached to the top of a helmet and provide an immediate wireless transmission to your smart phone of a hit count and when a player has experienced a head impact that could result in a concussion. The Shockbox is an invaluable tool in determining when to get off the hill and get checked for signs of a concussion.



Smart Fitness Clothing (Athos)

Smart Cloth Athos is Smart performance apparel that monitors your biosignals and distills them into meaningful insights. Cloth has built-in sensors which measure muscle activity using electromyography. This information is relayed to the “Iron Man” hub, which you can attach to your chest or leg. Here’s how it works


Smart Thermometer (Kinsa)

Kinsa's free app tracks fever readings, symptoms, diagnoses, medication doses and other notes in a time-stamped log, for each member of the family. Device offers real-time guidance based on age and fever reading, so you know when you should call a doctor and what to do next!



As you see more and more people become connected. Looking forward to 2017 year of tech inventions, healthcare projects and IoT devices! Have you already had one of this IoT? Do you have any your Connected devices to share with us? Let us know in comments below.