What risks you avoid with migration to Drupal 10

  • Increased vulnerability to attacks and lack of sustainability
  • Compatibility issues and limited functionality due to termination of official Drupal 7 updates
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Partnerships loss due to security risks
  • End-user loss due to outdated system and deteriorated performance
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Consult on your Drupal 10 website migration

How we do Drupal migration

Get your current Drupal 7 website evaluation and information architecture analysis to enable smooth migration. Obtain a thorough module check to know which parts of your website are incompatible with the latest Drupal version and get a consultation on customization options. Improve your website’s design and functionality to attract more end users and provide them with a smooth user journey. Receive an in-depth migration plan, content audit, and data backup preparation. Have your website tested to make sure it’s ready for a trouble-free launch. Secure your website and keep it updated with our support & maintenance services.

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Contact our team for initial project discovery and start the migration journey shortly.


Get clear deadlines and migration help at every step to finish moving your website before Drupal's end of life with us.


Seamlessly migrate your solution to Drupal 10 with preplanned data structure, features, themes, and system integrations prepared by our Drupal developers. 


Get assistance in regular bug fixing, features implementation, and security updates. 
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Migrate from Drupal 7 before its end of life with our web developers

Our Drupal Web Development Services

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Migration to Drupal 10

Migrate your Drupal 6- or 7-based website or content management web platform to the latest and greatest Drupal 10.

Integrations (Salesforce, HubSpot, SAP, and more).svg

Integrations (Salesforce, HubSpot, SAP, and more)

Streamline data exchange and communication between your tools and solutions.

Monolithic Drupal development.svg

Monolithic Drupal development

Build your Drupal-based platform using a traditional monolithic approach.

Headless (decoupled) Drupal.svg

Headless (decoupled) Drupal

Create, edit, and publish content across several platforms using a single content management software web system.

Drupal multisite & site factories.svg

Drupal multisite & site factories

Leverage a single codebase to run multiple websites with a Drupal multisite solution.

Low-code/no-code solutions

Low-code/no-code solutions

Simplify your company website design and development with a low-code/no-code solution.

What our clients say

Barbara Bekalska - Global Digital Manager at Syngenta Group - Lemberg Solutions
Barbara Bekalska - Global Digital Manager at Syngenta Group - Lemberg Solutions

Lemberg Solutions impressed me with their expertise, communication skills, and flexibility. They adapted well to our changing deadlines and specifications and maintained high development and testing standards throughout the process. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a professional and efficient web development company.

Let’s migrate your website together!

Get in touch with Roman to learn how we can help you with Drupal 7 migration and upgrade your website in time.