Backend Engineer (PHP)

Necessary skills and qualifications
PHP 7 (at least 2 years of experience with PHP)
Deep knowledge of PHP, including at least one popular open source framework (Laravel, Symfony, Yii, etc.)
Solid understanding of OOP
Understanding of the API design principles
Familiarity with encryption and security
Ability to apply engineering thinking in designing solutions from scratch
Decent communication skills (ability to explain your ideas to others)
Ability to follow coding standards and best practices in programming.
At least an Intermediate English level
Experience working with
SQL and database management systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
Testing tools (PHPUnit, Behat, Codeception, etc.)
Linux, both as a developer, and a desktop user
Either Docker, Vagrant, or both
Support tools and technologies: Linux, Apache, HTTP protocols, etc.
Will be a plus
Experience with developing applications on Python (Django, Flask etc)
Experience with Arduino, Raspberry Pi
Familiarity with cloud services (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc)
Familiarity with the IoT protocols (MQTT, AMQP, XMPP etc)
Experience with git, composer, and deployment tools (capistrano, deployer, etc.)
Familiarity with the APIs of common social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) and payment systems (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)
Experience with JavaScript and at least familiarity with its frameworks (Angular, jQuery, React, VueJs, etc.)
Understanding of Open Source principles, and desire to be a part of the open source community
Leadership skills
What we offer

At Lemberg, you will find exciting and challenging projects, friendly and engaging professional team. You will work with customers located around the globe, meet them in our office and travel to visit their locations.


Also, you will have a chance to work on internal R&D projects, your own ideas, become a part of local and global communities, contribute to Open Source, visit conferences and industry events.

Kateryna Rybachok
Recruitment Manager

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