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A story of one app: Woisio for iPhone

It all started with a concise, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary request to develop an iPhone application. However, we all know that the word “startup” just cannot mean something simple. Instead of being a usual ‘vanilla’ it turned out to be quite a serious project of a determined startup that had already developed a website on their own, and now was looking for a reliable ally to help with the mobile side.

Lemberg, on the other hand, was interested to be a part of this project, as we had worked with audio & video streaming before and consider this field quite promising. Lemberg already had experience with video and audio streaming apps before, so we knew we could bring in value to the project.

The client had a great UI designer who was shooting ideas just like a machine gun. A lot of work had been done on the documentation and designs, but there were still so many underwater stones that no one could think of in advance. Therefore, we had a gradual and iterative process of estimation till the final scope was settled upon.

Months, phone calls and a prototype later, we were all ready to go ahead with the development. Thanks to a very successful prototype combined with vast experience, Lemberg got a step ahead of its competitors, and was ultimately chosen as the supplier.

Double power

There were two PMs on the project: one on Lemberg’s side and one on the client’s side. Communication between these two was boiling hot, on a daily basis, sometimes urgent and critical, but overall much fun.

After a few weeks of development we had the first beta build with a basic UI and limited functionality. The client was very anxious throughout the process and gave out an appreciative sigh of relief, having got their hands on the first build.

Risky business

Truth to be told, we all knew right from the start that there would be considerable risks. Typically, we would include more ‘risk hours’ into the estimate, but had to keep them at a minimum this time.
And so 2 months into development the ‘risk hours’ were all depleted, even without any major changes to the initial idea. It was just some changes here and there, some minor animation changes and reparsing of the new updated API calls, and there you have it - they were all gone.

A couple of fresh new ideas that just had to be implemented came up on the horizon, and once we realised the necessity, we decided that it’s time for some extra scope. At that point no one thought that it was going to be more than one... We hit upon new ideas and Lemberg proposed new ways to solve them.  Here goes the first extra scope,...  some minor search results changes...  There goes another one, for “Hey let’s make this feature available!”, then the third one, the fourth one, and the fifth one...  After all that, we saw that there’s been quite a change from what we started off with. Look and feel of the app improved significantly and the user experience got smoother and more natural, however, this all added a month on top of our estimated schedule.

Despite all the changes to the scope, all the performance improvements, testing and polishing that came along with it, we decided that we need to finally reach that light in the end of the tunnel somehow.

No Shaving

Two weeks before deployment of Woisio to iTunes, the PM on the client side made a firm resolution not to shave until the app is approved by the App Store. Having implemented all those cool features, and polished the UI to the silver shine, we submitted the app three weeks before the TechCrunch Disrupt NY event at which the Client wanted to launch the App. iTunes took a little over a week to review the app and  made us a bit nervous about the review process. The show was getting closer... The tickets were already booked...  The beard was still growing...

We knew that we did our best there, and the reply from iTunes proved us right. We got the App Store’s approval at the first attempt. No rejections, no returns, just straight, positive answer right away. We were all happy with the outcome, and the fact that the beard could go away peacefully.

It’s been a great project for us. We have proven to ourselves that there’s not much we cannot do. Lemberg proved to be flexible and ready for instant changes and challenges. Our staff’s motivation played a key role there. Our developers took every challenge with dignity and clear mind that helped to find proper solutions very quickly.

To be continued...

As we can see now, that was just the beginning. Lemberg’s performance, and  ability to resolve tough challenges provided confidence to our client to dream about even more sophisticated ideas. We’re already discussing quite a list of new features and ideas to be implemented in version 2.0.

User feedback proves the need for implementation of new features and functionality. A special iPad version is keeping us awake at night, and we’re all brainstorming on how to make it look better and more fun to use. Seems like this process is endless as there are so many ideas. We’re glad to have a client like this, and we’re happy for being able to respond to their needs.

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