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iOS and Android apps refactoring and redesign for BLE-enabled e-bikes

To ensure stable BLE work and improve the apps’ performance, our mobile development team carried out code refactoring and rewrote the BLE module logic. Also, our design team created the user onboarding process design for the Android and iOS apps.

About the client

Coboc is a Germany-based lightweight e-bike manufacturer that creates state-of-the-art urban mobility solutions. With the Coboc apps, end users can configure BLE-enabled e-bikes to adapt the vehicles to their needs.

The challenge

Coboc searched for a tech vendor who would take over their existing native iOS and Android e-bike apps code refactoring and optimize app navigation through improved UI/UX design. The client's greatest request was to stabilize BLE functionality for both apps to enable stable connectivity with e-bikes.

Delivered value

By rewriting and optimizing the client's code, our mobile development team improved the apps' BLE connection with Coboc e-bikes. Also, our design team created screens and animations for the user onboarding process guide and updated the Android and iOS app UI/UX to enhance user experience. The introduced changes resulted in more satisfied users and higher app rates on Google Play and App Store.

The process

Our cooperation with Coboc started with an initial technical assessment of their native Android and iOS apps that connect to Coboc e-bikes via Bluetooth. The client wanted to make the apps’ performance more stable and enhance user experience. After the code and BLE connection audit, we provided an in-detail estimation focusing on app stabilization and design improvement. To implement the UI/UX part of the project, we agreed on a fixed-price cooperation model, while for the remaining scope of work, our team followed the T&M model.

To enhance the Android app via code refactoring, our mobile development team changed the software architecture and transformed it into a modular structure. We put all the features into separate modules to ensure smooth app scaling in the future. Our developers rewrote the app logic and the way it works with BLE to establish a stable connection with e-bikes. To remove the deprecations in the code, we migrated the app from Kotlin synthetics to Jetpack Compose.

Our team chose the Jetpack Compose toolkit, together with Material Design 3 components, to upgrade the Android app's UI framework quickly and make it more convenient.

At the same time, the LS iOS developers focused on refactoring the module responsible for the BLE connection.

Our UI/UX designers developed the designs and animations for the e-bike user onboarding guide to explain to end users how to connect the app to the device, start using an e-bike, and switch operation modes. We created the designs for the Android and iOS apps.

With acceptance criteria approved by the client, our QA team tested the apps' performance using a test device that included the core e-bike functionality and engine and battery emulations.

Our DevOps engineers configured the workflow automation on the GitHub Action platform, which allowed us to create pipelines for Android and iOS simultaneously. We used the Firebase system to collect app metrics and deliver them to the QA engineers.

Our team continues supporting the Coboc apps and makes sure new releases run smoothly and error-free.

Jetpack Compose
Core Data
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
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Lightweight Coboc e-bikes - Lemberg Solutions - 1
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Lightweight Coboc e-bikes - Lemberg Solutions
iOS and Android apps refactoring and redesign for BLE-enabled e-bikes

How it works

Amy Leson - Coboc
Amy Leson - Coboc

Working with Lemberg Solutions, it was evident that they are a reputable technology company with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Their team is highly professional and committed to providing quality services to their clients.

While working with them on our apps, we were impressed with their responsiveness and willingness to understand our needs. Their team worked diligently to provide tailored solutions that met our requirements, and they were always available to address any concerns that arose.

iOS and Android apps refactoring and redesign for BLE-enabled e-bikes - Lemberg Solutions
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