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Great Gathering of Android Developers in Lviv

On 24-25th of October, the biggest Google-related event in Ukraine, the third GDG DevFest, took place in the cultural heart of Ukraine, Lviv. Being passionate about new technologies and highly engaged in the Android development, we couldn`t stand aside the GDG DevFest and were happy to support the event as a gold sponsors and here is why.

The GDG DevFest is all about…

GDG DevFest is an annual event organized by GDG (Google Developer Groups) from all of Ukraine. GDGs bring together small local groups of IT professionals passionate about Google services & products, developing exciting and innovative projects and, what is most important, willing to share their own experience with others.

GDG DevFest has already became well-known as the biggest Google event in Ukraine.

What made GDG DevFest absolutely special this year?

GDG DevFest compelling facts:

  1. This year, the GDG DevFest 2014 conference took place in the Western Ukraine, the renowned city of Lviv.
  2. Huge screens, superior sound & cosy chairs for the technical event were provided by a real cinema venue.
  3. 400 + attendances.
  4. 48 + hours of presentations in 3 parallel tracks.
  5. 28+ speakers from Ukraine, Poland, France, Hungary and Turkey.
  6. 3 workshops.
  7. Full day Hackathon

5 must-see presentations and more

  1. Higher quality future apps by Dawid Ostrowski, Developer Relations Program Manager at Google.

    David is, as he calls himself, not a marketer, sales or recruiter, but a part of engineering, a big fan of startups and for sure a true technology enthusiast. Watch his presentation to face the hard truth of low quality apps and their frustrated users, and learn what can be done to prevent both.

  2. Android Wear UX at a glance by Wojtek Kalicinski, Co-founder and CTO, at Kalicinscy.com.

    Aside from managing, Wojtek is a Google Developer Expert, fond of anything and everything related to Android. Check out his presentation slides to find out about Android Wear UX and learn a “5 seconds rule”.

  1. L(e) Android: The whole android ecosystem experience with wear and glass by Murat Yener,
    Android Developer, Intel.

    Murat is one of the initial committers of the Eclipse Libra project and the author of Professional Java EE Design Patterns publication. Phones & Tablets, Glass & Wear, TV & Autos: the whole Android ecosystem is covered in Murat`s presentation.

  2. Guava beyond Collections by Mateusz Herych, Software Engineer, Base CRM.

    Mateusz is an Android Google Developer Expert & GDG organizer & speaker. His talk will for sure stay in everyone's memory and on everyone’s tongue. Watch Mateusz’s presentation slides, learn about Java, Guava & the billion dollar mistake.

  3. Opportunities for women in technology from Google by Maryna Zhygadlo, Software developer, Ciklum.

    Maryna is the first and the only awardee of the Google Anita Borg Scholarship in Ukraine. She also runs the Anita Borg Scholarship Alumni community in the EMEA region, the main aim of it being to increase the share of women in Computer Science globally. An extremely relevant topic of today has been highlighted in Maryana`s presentation. Consider checking it out to learn about working females in IT, future trends, importance & opportunities.

Panel discussion "Working for the giant"

David Ostrowski, Xavier Hallade, and Svyatoslav Komakha shared their personal stories and experience working for such world-known IT companies like Google & Intel. Find out what it means working for a giant, get inspiration & some food for thought. 

We have to say, we were also very excited to have one of Lemberg`s Android Developers, Dmytro Danylyk, delivering a presentation at the GDG about Android L Animations.


GDG have announced they would publish all session recordings from DevFest on their YouTube channel later in November.

this is what attending the GDG DevFest looked like. 

GDG DevFest 2014. Hack & workshop day. Lemberg blog

GDG DevFest hack & workshop day

GDG DevFest 2014. GDG DevFest brought together 350 + IT professionals. Lemberg blog

GDG DevFest gathered together IT professionals in Lviv from all over Ukraine & abroad

GDG DevFest 2014. 48+ hours of valuable information about Google technologies. Lemberg blog

Lots of valuable information, hot topics and discussions

GDG DevFest 2014.The growing community of Android professionals in Ukraine. Lemberg blog

This how a growing community of Google developers looks like in Ukraine

Find more images from the event at GDG DevFest Ukraine 2014.

Watch out! … An enormous gathering of passionate professionals has the power to create superior things :)

Can’t tell you how fab it is to see the developers’ community in Ukraine grow and scale new heights from year to year. As with any event, the GDG DevFest wouldn't have been a success without lots and lots of work from organizers GDG Lviv, sponsors and speakers. Lemberg would like to thank all the great people that made it happen.


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