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Back-end consulting 

Get advice on suitable architectural design patterns to build your new back-end system or obtain a tech audit of the existing legacy solution. We can provide code-level and architecture-level feedback on improving your product's reliability, performance, scalability, maintainability, and security. 

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Back-end app development 

Rely back-end architecture design, tech stack selection, and development on us to get a robust, secure, and scalable web-based platform. Either way, we will upgrade your current platform's back-end business logic, databases, application programming interface (APIs), servers, and cloud infrastructure.

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IoT back ends & APIs  

Obtain IoT system back-end development, including cloud and API service integrations. Also, you can request a well-designed back-end upgrade for your existing IoT solution, ensuring smooth provisioning, secure communication, OTA updates, and efficient data collection from the connected devices. 

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AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud integration 

Get help with cloud services integration to make your solution more secure and scalable, or optimize the available cloud services by implementing required changes by our engineers. 

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Third-party API integration 

Connect your solution to a whole business digital ecosystem with third-party API integrations. You can easily obtain efficient ways to save resources, time, and budget by interconnecting all necessary business processes. 

Yuriy Chen, Head of Cloud Engineering at Lemberg Solutions
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Acquire code readability, cross-platform development support, and an established development process for your Python-based platform.



Fast API

Fast API




Get Node.js back-ends combined as back ends for front ends. Or we will set up microservice architecture using Express, NestJS, and serverless architectures.

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Obtain back-end development for web products, including CMS, ecommerce website, financial service, healthcare web portal, and government and educational platforms.






Receive a unique, scalable, and secure Java-based solution, whether a web application, cloud application, IoT platform, API services, admin portal, or other platform type.

Java Spring Boot

Spring Boot


Build web, mobile, or IoT solution back ends, utilizing multiple .Net engineering libraries, tools, and extensive language support with our help.

.Net Core

.Net Core

What our clients say

Peregrine - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions
Peregrine - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions

Thanks to the contribution of Lemberg Solutions' front- and back-end developers, our clients enjoy an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that creates a more positive user experience with our video telematics solution. The team was always willing to go the extra mile, and the cooperation ran seamlessly.

Choose the cooperation model that suits your project most

Our back-end development process

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Why choose our back-end development company?

We keep growing our expert teams

By partnering with us, you access a tech talent pool of over 200 skilled engineers who will cover all your project requirements. We will form a team of specialists considering the project specifics and scale it up or down per your request.

Our specialist develop secure and industry-compliant solutions

With ISO 27100, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 26262 certifications, we ensure developing and delivering secure, high-quality solutions. Due to extensive cross-industry expertise, our specialists know how to meet your industry requirements and compliances. 

Lemberg Solutions provide full-cycle development services

We ensure 360° engineering services and will cover all your current and potential project needs throughout our cooperation. For over 15 years in the market, we have formed expert teams in cloud engineering, embedded development, IoT, web & mobile development, data science, and other core tech domains. 

We adjust the cooperation model to your needs

Lemberg Solutions provides several cooperation options to 100% meet your project demands and expectations. We can conduct discovery for your project to plan the following actions, expand your in-house team with our experts, or assemble a dedicated team to build a solution from scratch and ensure its post-launch maintenance. 

Cooperation Scenarios

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Solution discovery

Ask us to validate the technical feasibility, outline the project scope, estimate the timeline, and recommend the most suitable collaboration model.

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Tech consulting

Obtain a professional review and feedback on your product from our experts so we can create and implement improvements, enabling your business to scale effectively.

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End-to-end development

Have all your back-end development needs met in one place. We cover the entire product development life cycle, from developing a concept to delivering a solution ready for release.

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Team extension

Scale your internal team with our web developers to deliver your product to market faster or get the necessary expertise.

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Support & maintenance

Ensure the stable operation of your web solution thanks to proactive software maintenance and support services provided by our team.

Let’s build something great together!

Get in touch with Yuriy to discuss your application and learn more about our back-end development services.


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