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Speede: PoC development of a sports tech fitness device

Embedded system development for professional performance-enhancing fitness equipment.

About the client

Speede is an American fitness startup that incorporates isotonic, isokinetic, and eccentric training in one device to reduce workout duration and enhance muscle definition 50% more efficiently than other training equipment. Revolutionizing sports training, Speede pushes the limits of people’s bodies, whether users are experienced athletes or office workers.

The challenge

To raise sufficient funding, Speede had to verify their concept before committing to full-scale development. With an extremely tight deadline of three and a half months, they needed a tech vendor who could develop a complete system fast.

Delivered value

Lemberg Solutions, partnering with Hatch PD, helped Speede translate their concept into a fully functional device within the designated time frame. Our engineers created a high-fidelity alpha prototype that won over investors and professional athletes, making it possible for Speede to initiate the second development phase. 

The process

Hatch PD, our development partner for Speede, reached out to us after receiving a recommendation from one of our clients. Having already completed the concept development process, Speede provided us with a detailed description of requirements and specifications. We promptly started forming a team, though this process was complicated by the tight deadline of three and a half months. By holding daily meetings, we effectively prioritized tasks and avoided misunderstandings, which helped us make good progress. Together with Hatch PD, we tackled all the obstacles. Remote projects often entail communication issues, but LS’ and Hatch PD’s project managers quickly established fruitful cooperation. We frequently presented demo versions of the device and implemented essential changes right away. 

Apart from the challenging time limit, LS engineers had a hard time ordering hardware components. Due to the current global chip shortage, we needed to replace out-of-stock components swiftly and overcome delivery delays. Hatch PD suggested looking into a specific motor drive system with an innovative SDK as a possible technical solution for their device. We hadn’t dealt with this SDK before and decided to check its viability. Since we didn’t have the motor drive system on-site at first, our team examined the documentation and contacted the manufacturer to make sure their product fit our requirements.

The first stage of the project included complete system development for the isokinetic mode. At the start, the Lemberg Solutions team developed a 3D model that was very close to the client’s expectations. We gradually added components and integrated changes to the device mechanics. Our engineers used off-the-shelf components to save time on PoC development. We configured the motor drive system to make it more efficient for extreme workout intensity. By extracting data from the system, we derived conversion formulas that helped us convert electrical parameters into information about a user’s workout performance. The code part of the solution was written with modern standard C++ to keep it fast and maintainable and to make sure it would be easy to add new features without compromising the device’s performance. 

On top of that, our Qt engineer developed a Qt app using QML since our client was inclined to build a custom UI. With Qt, we managed to meet Speede’s requirements for animations, design, and performance. Our designer created a dashboard featuring performance analytics, exercise sets, workout descriptions, charts, and a status bar. 

Our cooperation with Hatch PD continues, and we are now working on the second development stage, which includes creating features for the isotonic mode, fine-tuning the UI design, and making the device more user-friendly as a part of our embedded Linux services.

Embedded Linux
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Speede - Lemberg Solutions
Speede - Lemberg Solutions
Speede - Lemberg Solutions
Speede - Lemberg Solutions
Speede - Lemberg Solutions

How it works

SPEEDE - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions
SPEEDE - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions

One of the most impressive things about Lemberg Solutions is their communication and the fact that they take ownership of the product. They truly not only understand what it takes from an engineering perspective, but work with the customer to understand what the business needs are as well.

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