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How the Lemberg Solutions Team Contributes to Drupal

Contributing code back to the community is essential to Open Source software. Without this mindset, we wouldn't have a variety of Linux distributions, Content Management Systems like WordPress or Drupal, and many other tools and services.

Finding a balance between paid work and personal time for your initiatives and pet projects is challenging, but it converts into valuable things used by thousands of people in the future. That's why, at Lemberg Solutions, we support Open Source initiatives and motivate our developers to contribute code whenever possible.

In this article, I want to tell you about the Drupal modules that our developers started as their initiatives helpful for them and the whole Drupal community.

Drupal contributors at Lemberg Solutions and what they do

Below is just a part of our Drupal team consisting of over 40 experienced developers. These guys combine working on our projects with contributing their code to the community for knowledge sharing.

Roman Paska

Roman is the Head of the Drupal department at Lemberg  Solutions. He has more than 14 years of experience with Drupal projects. Furthermore, he mentors all Drupal Team Leads at  Lemberg Solutions and sets high-quality standards for the whole team. 

Roman's most practical module is Range. Inspired by the Drupal core Number module, Range inherits some of its features. It provides a numeric range field and allows saving two numeric  (integer, decimal, or float) values (from and to), which represent a range (for example, age range). 

This module started for Drupal 7, but Roman ported it and continued support for Drupal 8, Drupal 9, and even the latest Drupal 10 version. 

Taran2L at

Mykhailo Gurei

Mykhailo Gurei

Mykhailo (Mike​​) is a Drupal Team Lead at Lemberg Solutions. He has worked with Drupal for more than 9 years. Moreover, he is the author or co-author of most modules mentioned in this article. Mykhailo inspires other developers to contribute and shows how to do it effectively with his own example.

Mike is a co-author and maintainer of the viral Drupal module Menu Item Extras. More than 25 000 sites report using this module.

Menu Item Extras provides extra fields for Menu items without using additional entities. This module is a unique implementation of Drupal core's Menu system and uses core modules only. Also, Mike is an author and maintainer of various Drupal Commerce modules, such as Commerce Tax Conditions, Bokbasen checkout, Brreg API, and others.

ozin at

Volodymyr Baldych

Volodymyr Baldych - Lemberg Solutions

Volodymyr is one of the youngest Drupal developers at Lemberg Solutions. Being very proactive, he has already contributed a lot to Drupal. A few months ago, he released two handy modules:  

The first is an excellent example of a plugin for the new CKEditor5 editor. The second one provides a preview of documents in different formats like pdf, doc, xls, and ppt, based on Google Docs API.

Luckie Joe at

Oleksandr Yushchenko

Oleksandr Yushchenko - Lemberg Solutions

Oleksandr is a Drupal developer with more than 8 years of experience in the field. He is a creator and maintainer of a few exciting modules for Drupal Commerce: 

Oleksandr built Integration of the Novaposhta API 2.0 with Commerce Shipping. Nova Poshta is a private Ukrainian postal and courier company that provides logistics services for individuals and businesses. The shipping module estimates shipping costs and warehouse selection. Order formatter provides a field formatter for commerce order data that displays the value of the particular key in this field.

Oleksandr at

Mariia Denysiuk 

Mariia Denysiuk - Lemberg Solutions

Mariia Denysiuk is a skilled Drupal developer with over 7 years of experience. She is a co-maintainer of the following modules:

The first one adds a UI for selecting conditions for Product Tax Types. The Role module can be helpful for developers by providing the following features:

  • Control user edit form mode per Role
  • Control user full view per Role
  • Control site theme per User Role
  • Add a new route 'user/register/{role_id}' for specific registration per user Role

mariiadeny at

Oleksandr Horbatiuk 

Oleksandr Horbatiuk - Lemberg Solutions

Oleksandr has more than 8 years of experience with Drupal. He is the author, maintainer, and contributor to the following modules: 

The StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦module provides the following features to enable websites to show support for Ukrainians:

  1. Message on the background of the flag, which can be attached to one of the three sides of the page (top, right, left).
  2. Painting the favicon in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.
  3. A block that contains the message from the first feature.

chmez at

Other ways we contribute to Drupal

Besides the Drupal engineers listed above, many other developers at Lemberg Solutions contribute to Drupal development in different ways by providing patches, comments, tests, and translations in Drupal core, modules, themes, and installation profiles. Many Lemberg Solutions developers contribute to the Open Social community platform and related modules:

Serhii Myronets (Agami4) maintains Open Social themes: Social Base and Social Blue. Also, he has made contributions to the well-known Gin Admin Theme

Final thoughts

In this article, I wanted to focus more on people than modules because people are always behind the actual code. At least now, until Chat GPT, GitHub Copylot, and other AI tools become part of our normal development. This article will motivate developers to continue contributing to a range of Drupal development services or not be afraid to start doing it.

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