7 Big Mistakes Designers Make. How Not To Kill Your Project

During the developmental stages of design, oftentimes we don’t pay close enough attention to the minute details within since they too can take up a good chunk of time to correct and we usually tend not to prioritize them within our agenda. However, afterwards these minute details tend to cause a great deal of problems during the stages of transforming the design into code (be it an application or a full-fledged product). This ends taking up even more time to correct, than if we initially had dedicated more time during the developmental stages of design and sorted out any minute problems that may have arised.

Please take a look at a short overview of some common problems that have popped up while I was creating the design or when I was checking it.

1. Excluding toolbar background

Add additionally designed screen to show how to have workable scrolling on the page if it is needed.

2.  Excluding text extending in titles or in the description


Always try to demonstrate a different case of appearance the UI element as much as possible. It will be very useful in  reducing  the time of development.

3. Page without state of active keyboard

Do take into account the area designated for predictive text within  the keyboard!

4. Buttons/count components are in one row with text

Always keep clear delimitation for such kind of UI component. Place them into separate rows.

5. Excluding the appearance of the validation for mandatory fields?

The message has to point to the solution of the problem, and can be placed directly near the input field.

6. Excluded progress view

Mention in your design the process dialog component to provide a clearer picture into the developmental process.

7. Take into account keyboard customisation

iOS keyboards are available in the different combinations, choose more appropriate slip for current input field and show it in the design.

All and all, I want to conclude that it’s worth to keep in mind that the mode detailed your design will be, then the better it will mold into the final product. 

Hope you have found this article useful. Design great apps and share your experience with us in the comments section below. Keep in mind, we are always around to help you with your project.


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