Open Source iOS, Android, Web App and Integration Server for conferences and events.

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The challenge

Our goal was to create an open source mobile app that is easy to set up for any conference or community event. The solution should allow UI branding and integration with third-party services and APIs.

Delivered value 

Connfa! helps event organizers enrich visitors' experience and get more benefits from using open source software instead of investing heavily in developing an app from scratch.

The process

Originally, Connfa! was built by Lemberg for the DrupalCon events organised by Drupal Association.

We developed this app being inspired by the Drupal Community initiative, and it was presented for the first time in September 2014 at DrupalCon Amsterdam. In January 2016, Lemberg was honoured to officially announce the application to be open source. Since then, the apps have been used at events like DrupalCon Amsterdam, DrupalCon Los Angeles, DrupalCon Vienna, DrupalCamp London and others. Each one had a native UI design aligned with the official event branding.

The DrupalCon app is equipped with a full сonference schedule, information about speakers, the event, venue, social media and floor plans. In addition, it lets visitors create their own calendars by adding favourite sessions or social events and get notifications about them beforehand. One of the advantages of the app is that it works both online and offline.

We regularly update the app, relying on Community feedback, and there have been four versions released already. Currently, the Lemberg team is working on a new version that is planned to be presented in 2018. It will support Firebase as a back-end (instead of using a custom PHP back-end) and will get UI/UX updated according to the latest Google and Apple guidelines.

Android app development
iOS app development
Back-end/API development
Swift 2
Android Java
Angular 2.0
Digital media
DrupalCon New Orlean
DrupalCon Dublin
DrupalCon Baltimore
DrupalCon Vienna
DrupalCon Nashville
Using Connfa app

How it works


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