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Common iPhone Mistakes. An Efficient Guide for QA's and iOS Developers. Part 1 - Lemberg Solutions Blog

Let me share with you one of the two articles that unveils common mistakes typically present in most QA and iOS work flow. In this section, I will demonstrate the number of bugs I came across within my projects. For instance, four projects were full of minor mistakes and 30-40% of general time was spent on figuring out and further elimination of these bugs.  The following examples contain screenshots of the specific problems.

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Location Tracking Pains: Thou Shalt Test - Lemberg Solutions Blog

Test, Double-test, and Triple-test

For some time now, we have been working on improving a location tracking feature for one of the agencies we collaborate with. The QA process for location tracking is expectedly different from that of other features, simply because location tracking must be tested in a real environment and there is no way around it. It is best practice to assess the app in different conditions, to make sure that it works as expected and under all circumstances.

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