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A BLE-enabled industrial thermostat that can be configured and controlled via mobile apps

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About the client

Selco is a manufacturer of innovative thermal management products. They serve equipment-manufacturing and end-user companies in a variety of industries where precision and cost are key: HVAC, food service, medical, telecommunication, appliances, process controls and industrial instrumentation. 

The challenge

Our client’s goal was to turn a manual thermostat into a wireless-controlled IoT device. Together with Selco, we designed a phased development approach that required integrating a BLE module into the thermostat PCB and developing mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

Delivered value

A fully connected industrial thermostat that users can configure and control remotely via Selco mobile apps available for both iOS and Android.

The process

The first stages of development were about prototyping and outlining product requirements. First, we selected BLE modules that would fit the thermostat's technical specifications and built initial prototypes with them to test technical feasibility. Then, we discussed the prototyping results with Selco and settled on the specific BLE module we would use for the final product.

Meanwhile, our Business Analyst worked closely with the customer to outline acceptance criteria and user stories for the mobile application. 

Once all preparation work was done, we started the actual development, dividing it into three parallel streams: UI/UX, firmware and mobile. 

UI/UX. When designing the mobile application interface, we aimed for comfort and intuitiveness to provide Selco customers with a smooth experience. 

Firmware. We first developed the firmware using a BLE evaluation kit and then ported the code onto the actual device. This reduced the development time and ensured timely delivery of the final product.

Mobile. Our iOS and Android teams worked simultaneously to deliver the finished product by the time the firmware was ready. The result was two functional mobile applications that offer users full control over each thermostat's configuration through a variety of features.

A BLE-enabled industrial thermostat - Lemberg Solutions
A BLE-enabled industrial thermostat - Lemberg Solutions
A BLE-enabled industrial thermostat - Lemberg Solutions

How it works

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eCap Electronic Thermostat - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions

Lemberg Solutions' engagement, expertise, and service have exceeded our expectations. Their attention to every detail and proactiveness were vital to achieving a cohesive and intuitive mobile application for our temperature controls.

eCap Electronic Thermostat - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions