Our DevOps Implementation Process

Configuration management

Get more control over implemented changes by maintaining software configuration throughout the development lifecycle. Configuration management as a part of our DevOps workflow allows you to build solutions operating smoothly across multiple environments and automate mundane maintenance tasks. It also simplifies troubleshooting through software reproducibility.

Environment & infrastructure provisioning

Let our DevOps solutions company set up the environment and infrastructure, including servers, databases, tools, storage, and other resources required for efficient software development. The best DevOps practices will help you reduce manual tasks, enable scaling, increase system elasticity, and bring other improvements.

Continuous integration

Follow the CI/CD pipeline with our DevOps solutions and services for ultimate software engineering automation and quality. Continuous integration allows you to speed up the software development process, release the product and new features sooner, and minimize bugs. It’s a considerable competitive advantage and a cost saver.

Continuous deployment

Set up continuous deployment for end-to-end CI/CD pipeline and a full pack of DevOps-managed services, including continuous testing. This DevOps practice allows you to automatically deploy the developed and tested product in the environment, reducing time to market and minimizing manual interventions.

Monitoring & reporting

Ensure your software product works as expected, estimate its performance, and troubleshoot proactively with DevOps services. Our DevOps experts use native cloud services, including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure tools, and other third-party solutions, to provide clients with valuable reports after the product release.

Our DevOps Expertise

IoT solutions

Embedded systems

Mobile apps

Web apps

ML solutions

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You Need Our DevOps Services to

Optimize deployments effort & cost

Automate the development lifecycle

Reduce time to market

Improve stability of releases

Improve collaboration between teams

Synchronize Dev, QA, Stage & Production

Grow productivity

Detect defects early on

Secure your data

Ensure continuous monitoring and testing

Optimize testing effort

Our Tech Expertise



AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps









Cooperation Scenarios

Solution discovery - Services - Lemberg Solutions - Landing Image.png

Solution discovery

Ask us to validate the technical feasibility of your solution, outline the project scope, estimate the timeline, and recommend the most suitable collaboration model.

Tech Consulting - Services - Lemberg Solutions - Landing Image.png

Tech consulting

Obtain a professional review and feedback on your product from our experts so we can create and implement improvements, enabling your business to scale effectively.

End-to-End Development - Services - Lemberg Solutions - Landing Image.png

End-to-end development

Have all your engineering needs met in one place. We cover the entire product development life cycle, from developing a concept to delivering a solution ready for production.

Team Extension - Services - Lemberg Solutions - Landing Image.png

Team extension

Scale your internal team with our engineers to deliver your product to market faster or get the necessary expertise.

Team Extension - Services - Lemberg Solutions - Landing Image.png

Support & maintenance

Ensure the stable operation of your software thanks to proactive software maintenance and support services provided by our team.

Benefits of our DevOps Services

End-to-end DevOps services and solutions

Lemberg Solutions’ DevOps outsourcing services cover the full spectrum of DevOps practices. Reach us if you have source code that needs to be managed for the configuration management service. Request continuous integration as a service to implement frequent builds and identify errors earlier. Ask for environment provisioning or any other service to optimize your software development lifecycle. Our engineers will analyze your business and tech requirements to select the most suitable DevOps implementation strategy saving your resources now and in the long run.

Broad tech expertise

Our DevOps engineers have experience with all core tools required to set up the CI/CD process, including Bitbucket, Github, Codebase, Jenkins, Terraform, Chef, Ansible, and the pack of native Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure services. That’s why you may reach our DevOps services company with any product type and complexity to get the necessary help. We will select the most relevant engineers to work on your project and ensure the tech expertise you get brings maximum benefits.

Solid portfolio of DevOps projects

We have a large team of strong DevOps engineers who have contributed to multiple projects of our customers to optimize development. In particular, Lemberg Solutions has implemented DevOps practices to create a middleware for autonomous ground vehicles handling automotive production orders, design an IoT platform for smart coffee machines, and more. Since our team has configured CI/CD for all kinds of products, from embedded systems to mobile, we have the experience to complete any project.

Flexible collaboration models

We let you choose the most comfortable collaboration approach for your DevOps transformation journey. You can request consulting, start with a small fixed-price task, or hire our dedicated engineers for product maintenance. You can also request DevOps services for any projects you currently have with us to automate the software development pipeline. We will help you release sooner, avoid unnecessary errors, reduce costs, and draw other benefits.

Let’s build something great together!

Reach out to Volodymyr to discuss your business needs and learn more about DevOps services at Lemberg Solutions.


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