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HorseAnalytics. Dressage. More Accurate Positioning. Task. Part 1


We are opening a series of stories about feature implementation in our recent IoT project. In this episode a feature goal will be shared and all subsequent episodes will be telling you how exactly the goal has been achieved. At the moment of writing the article we are still experiencing issues with satisfaction of feature acceptance criteria. That’s why even for Lemberg Solutions team this is a really interesting challenge and we don’t know yet what results would be achieved.

HorseAnalytics - Dressage - More Accurate Positioning - Task - Part 1 - Lemberg Solutions

About the project

We are participating in the project development that deals with pet tracking, and in our case the pet is a Horse.

horse analytics

Enri is the project owner and strategist. Knowing the industry in detail, Enri knows what features will be appreciated by potential target audience.

The task

horse analytics

Photo made by Stefan Groenveld
Riders competing in Dressage ride with a prepared and planned beforehand exercise in front of a jury and judges. Those exercises are read to them mostly by a friend who tries to match the individual speed of the horse rider pace while exercising. While preparing for the tournament at home, it is exhausting to read through those exercises every time. And if your friend does not have time you can not train this particular exercise. So we wanted to integrate a Script that not only reads out the exercises to you, like we already successfully did with our Data Collection App to classify what the horse does while moving. But to also integrate positioning of the horse and rider and individual speed to read out those exercises automatically.

It is required to identify current position of a rider on the arena, and also to keep track of location change in an accurate way. This will allow to perform prediction of any changes in trajectory.

HorseAnalytics - body image.jpg

And the prediction allows us to coordinate Rider’s next actions.

horse analytics

Below you can see the schemas of two possible arenas that will be used in our tests.

horse analytics


Meet our QA guy, Maryan, who temporarily emulated a running horse on arena. You will meet him in next series also...

horse analytics

GPS approach

horse analytics

One of possible ways to go is to use GPS. But it isn’t always a good option from the accuracy standpoint. So we took a set of devices, installed Mytrack app there and walked a path similar to dressage arena area.

Xiaomi Mi4

horse analytics

Samsung S4

horse analytics

Nexus 6P

horse analytics

We were using the following device models:

  • Xiaomi Mi4
  • Samsung S4
  • Nexus 6P

After performing several tests in the fields we can make same conclusions.

It will not work with GPS.

So here are the reasons why it won’t work in our case:

  • Small area
  • Low accuracy of GPS on mobile devices
  • Tracking a complex path will be very different from the actual one
  • Sometimes arena could be covered - GPS 100% doesn’t work
  • Satellite signal can be lost - completely breaks the feature
  • Signals reflected off buildings or walls ("multipath")
  • Satellite signal blockage due to buildings, bridges, trees, etc.
  • Atmospheric conditions (e.g. geomagnetic storms caused by solar activity)

Also similar test on local parking surrounded by a building gives even worse results. 

iBeacons approach

horse analytics

Next approach would be to use iBeacons.

As an alternative we consider to use iBeacon. That’s why we immediately ordered two packs of iBeacons to fully cover small arena. You probably wonder why we assume iBeacons approach is the right one for us.

 We found these main PROS of such approach:

  •  Higher accuracy
  • Good for indoor navigation
  • iBeacon ranging uses much less battery than GPS tracking
  • Location accuracy does not depend on weather conditions

This is all true for general case. But in ours - we have an additional condition:

  • Speed of movement

This may collapse all our investigation. 

Whether or not the beacons approach will satisfy this condition - we will find out in the next article. To be continued…

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