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Our cloud development team will help you meet a range of business goals by optimizing the work of your existing cloud solution built within the AWS environment, resolving the challenges that impede the scaling process, helping you choose the best-fitting AWS service matching your needs and developing a solution based on it, finding a more cost-effective AWS service that will perform the necessary functions as well as auditing the existing solution for security gaps and eliminating them. 

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Our AWS experts can migrate and transfer your data to the AWS environment, allowing you to track and manage your project more effectively. AWS services simplify the migration process and support a wide range of database engines, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server, which makes it a flexible tool for database migration. To enable on-premises, cloud-to-cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructure migration, our engineers use AWS Application Migration Service.

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We will help you choose the right AWS service depending on the complexity and objectives of your app. Our team will connect your app to a cloud solution, using the best services for smooth integration, including AWS Amplify service.

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A well-designed cloud solution architecture can be a game-changer for your business, enabling you to scale rapidly, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. We will identify your needs and objectives and deliver an architecture that will help you enter the market fast. Following the AWS Well-Architected Framework, we will ensure that your cloud architecture is scalable, secure, cost-optimized, sustainable, and efficient.

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Streamline a development process, reduce errors, manage your infrastructure, and increase deployment speed with our DevOps team. Using diverse AWS services for DevOps, we will help you deliver software updates faster and ensure you can release new features to your customers quickly, increasing a customer satisfaction rate. Our team will also reduce the time and resources required for manual deployment.

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Accelerate your business growth and improve end-user experience with an app modernization service. Adjust your solution to higher workloads and integrate new features into the app. Update your product with ML services offered by AWS and increase customer satisfaction rates. 

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Our cloud engineers will support and maintain your solution to help you reduce any vulnerabilities and improve your product’s security. You will receive a thorough solution audit and an SLA agreement to ensure we meet your expectations. We will monitor and detect issues and set up the Amazon CloudWatch service to provide better data visualization and resource optimization.

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What our clients say

Colin Portman - Head of Product Eave - Lemberg Solutions
Colin Portman - Head of Product Eave - Lemberg Solutions

Lemberg Solutions provided us with exactly the expertise we needed at a crucial point in our IOT startup growth. Together they helped us architect and rewrite our industry-leading noise monitoring web application, delivering a technology stack that guarantees scalability and security for our solution's continued growth.

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Mature team of experts

We provide unparalleled AWS consulting services backed up by our hands-on experience and expert knowledge. We dedicate our AWS consulting services to delivering outstanding results, while our engineers can take over a full software development cycle. Our mature team has all-around experience working on a wide range of projects, so we have the resources and expertise to take over solutions of different complexity. You will get a well-equipped team with AWS Certified Solutions Architect engineers providing you with expert guidance and support.

Profound knowledge of AWS services

We can meet different needs, including cloud migrations, infrastructure design and implementation, DevOps, and many more. Our AWS cloud consulting came in handy for projects in such industries as healthcare, consumer electronics, retail, and automotive & micromobility, to name a few. With our profound knowledge of AWS services, you will learn which services are the best fit for your project, considering your business processes, workflow, and workload. We will optimize your use of AWS services to reduce the costs and improve the overall efficiency of your solution.

Reliable data security management

We recognize the importance of upholding the highest standards of data security to safeguard our clients' sensitive information. To that end, we are proud to hold certifications for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 standards, which prove our commitment to quality and security in our software development practices. By entrusting us as your AWS consultant, you can be confident in our ability to prioritize and protect your data privacy.

A trusted tech partner

With extensive knowledge and proficiency across diverse industries, we have earned the trust of over 300 clients from Europe and North America. Gathering a team of 200 experts in engineering, design, project management, business analysis, and data science, we have successfully completed more than 800 projects throughout 15 years of experience on the market. We are ready to tackle any technological and business challenge and provide you with an efficient AWS cloud solution that will elevate your product’s efficiency.

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